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Reminder: planning, finishing up and do the basics

This week: no scheduled hospital visits, wife super busy with work, so… trying to catch up, finish a few tasks as well as keep the house rolling as we stumble towards end of year

The “basics” means manage laundry, keep up on dishes, make tea and rice, prepare hot bath, and light a fire as needed.

And if feeling all right (plus get medications, nutrition – my weak point – and oxygen into me) i can do some creative project and/or make a phone call or two.

As for “holidays” this year canceled my usual family and friends Christmas dinner party cause I just don’t got the energy but, we still will be doing new year cards (300), presents for Ichiro of course (he wants a trumpet and/or a bulldozer, not a toy bulldozer, one he can drive around… Not sure which one is less probable), and will decorate a tree, make hot chocolate on the woodstove, sing some songs etc. (One good thing about Christmas in Japan is there’s a lot less expectation around the whole dealio).

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Diary: Tossing, turning, snoring & nerves and Santa tasks

GM: Gosh, trying to do everything right but still every night is a lousy night sleep.

Tossing and turning and twitching, up-and-down, aches and pains – hoping to get up, nutrition and onto the bus for treatment but keep on wondering “is it worth it?”

Nervous about week ahead

Now: oxygen; next: dishes, bath, more oxygen, meds + supps, meditation & sleep.

{ichiro snoring beside me}

this week has a lil overnight trip to nearby Kurashiki for school event & back to hospital solo on Friday

Maybe seitai tomorrow

Trying so hard (but trying not to) <3

finding my way…

PS To my pals around the world always saying “dude, you gotta do cold plunges”

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“seemingly indifferent musings of mundanities of One’s Own Life…”

Reminder (if needed):

Scribbled with a feather quill at Dejima / do you know the place of which I speak? (Yes, that’s the shadow of the pocket robot taking a snapshot, I’m not a professional)

“Somehow, the seemingly indifferent musings of mundanities of One’s Own Life are where the best, most honest writing comes from… Just need to “not throw it away” and let it ferment for a period of time, sometimes… Indeed most times”

[Follow on anecdote] Lousy photo of letter is from settlement museum on Dejima / a small human-made island in Nagasaki which was exclusive foreign trading post for 100s of years / first by Portuguese, then by Dutch.

I wrote with a quill and ink as a fictional “letter home”.

Nostalgia is a…

just another coffee

“nostalgia is a hobby for those not busy making the future”


PS i am nostalgic as fck

279 draft posts in web archive, do i bother? of course :)

Realizing huge swathes of my life aren’t even addressed (yet)

Convo with pal has me “reconstructing” travels and rambles from 86-96, dang so many miles!

I’m roasting wild boar meat

End of Dispatch