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Diary: Hopeful logistical annotations (not about wild boar)

I hope you enjoy hanging out with my unnecessary annotations.

Summary: yes, +/- 90% of my creative energy of late is spent on government paperwork – passports, taxes x3, disability, resident permits, visas, insurance, pensions, various IDs, certified translations, notaries etc. (the rest of the time, i eat oatmeal, fold laundry and make mix tapes).


  • Tax papers signed and sent (to one of three national jurisdictions with which i contend, (for the time being of at least) still have to submit payment
  • Scans of important family registration/birth registration papers (acquired Monday at the Ward office) sent to certified translator for certified translation (duh) plus notarization to be returned by registered mail
  • renewed domain, yes, i only pay for one or two domains now
  • unplugged hard drives and routers drain a couple hours of pretty serious thunderstorm just to be safe
  • prepared a couple more posts for the creative life archive just to get down to the “only 300” in the draft/pending folder… Anything you’re enjoying from this project recently?

Still have a few series which just need a bit of ”clean up” to finish (much of which I can do from bed in a semifog) but a lot of stuff is just gonna wait for another “blitz” run.

Gonna slow this project down I think as I need to move on to three different projects:

1) finish Kerouac in Kobe video, I’m really close, but editing video is so rough on my eyes! October is a big month in the Kerouac world and I wanna make my contribution.

2) Google Drive shakedown, move/archive/back up files, cancel my 2 TB subscription (this is final step in my “quitting the saas” project this year in which i’ve canceled more than a dozen various online subscriptions which were really handy when iwas nomadic but now kind of redundant expense)

3) poetry book manuscript assembling project / long overdue, have the poems (so many!), have a concept/working title, and moving poems around is much easier on my eyes then video. It’s not something that will “make money” but it will feed my soul and hopefully inspire my friends (that’s you!).

Once I do this, then I can move on to a book of nonfiction travel stories and then a book of fictional short stories but first, these poems need an audience to breathe life into them – thoughts?

Today though, gotta:

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QE2: notes re: endless duplication / over & done “London Bridge is down”

Sept 9, 9AM jst:

London Bridge, repeat London Bridge in down… after the codeword started at cavalcade of communications, back channels, telegrams to spark protocols which will outline choreography for A litany of arcane and vaguely mysterious (intentionally of course) procedures with various ceremonies, rights, processions and logistics in especially next 10 days, but beyond. 

A guardian “long reads” article:?London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death” I read a few years back In a bar in Malaysia (not that that matters) late it all out yet, watching today’s coverage, was surprised to see so many people fumbling for footage and talking about “all the footage we have in the archive that needs to be defrosted” I mean, really no excuse for that, 96 & post-c19.

Re: QE2, I wonder if she’s the most reproduced person in history including all the stamps, bank notes and coins, photographs, newspaper photos, personal photos, official portraits in offices and schools and hockey rinks etc.? The total is well into the billions or beyond. I haven’t got a calculator that big.

Other candidates: Gandhi, considering massive amount of banknotes circulating in India, but that didn’t start until after “independence“ and in 2016, common bank notes were recalled. Plus of course, those were seen in India only, not commonwealth. Lots of commemorative stamps for him but still not enough to bridge the gap.

So while the quantity of bills were spectacular, the longevity and multi-uses and global phenomenon of mass media and handy cameras certainly puts him on the back foot. Chairman Mao maybe? Or…

Definitely a lot of one dollar US bills made since then, especially if you add in all the counterfeit ones (not likekt used for illicit purposes but dor movie props…) Is he on coins? I can’t recall and how about stamps, definitely some stamps but again, missed out on the camera phones and mass produced newspaper heydays of the 1950s through the 90s.

(Trying to) also include photo of her sweet writing desk and I wonder how many writing desks did she utilize regularly? I mean that’s the *real* luxury after all / all that letterhead and so many fountain pens, envelopes for each castle/residence. I shiver at the prospects & possibilities.

used without permission for educational, non-commercial purposes

I think about all the effort (& expense) which went into changing official bank notes, stamps and portraits for Edward VIII for a reign which one was obviously very short-lived.

His family called him David but the country called him Edward 8, for a little while anyway

Friend D.S-C pointed out that Edward 8 coinage wasn’t minted because that process takes a little bit longer then bank notes, portraits and stamps and well, he’d abdicated before the mints were pressing.

Also pointed out how he acquired this lovely connection of George V and other unique/collectible bank notes under unusual circumstances (no no nothing fishy). Check it out:

Thanks Dave Stewart-Candy for this sweet collection

So many impressions of this silhouette and otherwise. No further commentary at this time, aside from what i’ve previously suggested: “if you make it past 78 with your marbles intact, you basically won life, the rest is bonus”

This album is “nice nice very nice, 10 year anniversary“ by Dan Mangan who you’ll find elsewhere in this archive

#AlwaysBeKind #NiceNiceVeryNice c/ @danmanganmusic

One more note: be on the lookout for the “Stone of Scone“ and whether it makes an appearance during the carnation which will come around in a year or so. Don’t know the significance or the story? Oh you’re in for a good one. Let’s just say it may very well be missing which will have significant significance for the people of Scotland.

Protocol Question: I attended Prince Charles elementary school (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) as a young lad… Do you think the name will be changed now? I’m just wondering if I need to update my LinkedIn profile and get my various science fair ribbons updated…

Scribbled Memos: for anthropologists and biographers – *i follow you*

*all this* archiving can be confusing sometimes… Looking for something else, you find a whole other “something else” – the story not often clear but certainly intriguing. In a way, and “note to future self” // ephemeral? likely, yet who am I to judge? I just wrote the notes. I’m not here to interpret, just curate.

with patience and time, everything becomes poetry (except the parts that don’t), regardless, poetics aren’t important, just digital cave paintings of a sort



Ricotta pancake

I love you

To / at

Just be captain, i am sherpa

I follow you

Note: Auroville memory & guru posthumous birthday

As it goes, August 15 is the posthumous birthday of the spiritual founder of Auroville. Aug 16 on the other hand…

me (obv) at Auroville (minor edits :))

“Thanks to Sri Aurobindo !
from Auroville on His 150th birthday”

Have you visited Auroville? Have you considered what is required to live there?

I have some further notes about this unique community to share some time…

the most consequential chais of my life

Memo: Driving “career” over/expired

My driving career officially ends today with my last license expiring.

Some of these our drivers licenses, some or not, regardless, handy

(Briefly) thinking of all the early mornings and stupid tests and crappy drivers ed classes in Utah, thinking about the hundreds and thousands of miles (approximately) driving VW buses, drive away cars, “borrowed“ vehicles throughout North America to concerts, festivals, relatives, holidays, parks, nowhere in particular, picking up the hitchhikers, mini trucks and vans in Japan delivering mushrooms, so many beater cars on Guam, and since “the illness” crashing on a Vespa, crunching the side of an SUV and being too disoriented to drive anything anymore… Anyway, I haven’t driven for years and now have relinquished the credentials.

I still have other forms of identification however

This is (also) a long way of saying “grateful for public transit“ & glad our house is right at the “end of the line“ of the fantastic Uno bus service.

Catching a ride to the Dr in wife’s 660cc kei-truck

Riff: We are a *new/old* movement whether it has a “name” or not

Written (maybe March 2021?) in reply to an association/community of creatives riffing off the Jack Kerouac writing for Japhy Ryder (*cough* modeled after Gary Snyder) about a rucksack revolution.

My feeling is the beat generation, the lost generation, romantics, punks/hippies/pranksters and/or whatever movement you want to namecheck are labels of convenience (we love to categorize) and – importantly – don’t live fossilized in amber.

Ergo: people who are creating today *honestly and authentically* are part of a continuous strand which occasionally picks up names along the way.

stash your gear in a rucksack and go be in the world

We are a *new* movement whether it has an “name” or not. If you are writing, sharing, wondering, wandering, rambling, sharing, filling notebooks with joy & impunity, endless letters to lovers you’ll never meet & living full on, going going going.

We are who we are, regardless of generation and accidental timings of birth or state of the world, we take in all that came before us and (perhaps) we spark what will come after us. We are the rucksack revolution who found a place to sit calmly, share widely, create honestly, give openly, inspire gently and carry-on intrepidly through it all.

Indeed for decades when I would ramble on about these literary heroes, most people would stare blankly, even lots of Deadheads didn’t trace the lineage but now, what was once “counter culture” has bubbled up into consensus reality so often.

We are the ambassadors and the diplomats but also the practitioners … and we have mighty tools available to us! So many writers were never “known“ because a suit in a New York City office didn’t *take a chance* on them (their efforts sequestered in shoeboxes in attics and lost to unknowing grandchildren or recycle bins) but now all of us can publish everything / all the time / everywhere and (importantly) cultivate a community like one does with a garden.

Now I’m so pleased and proud to help amplify these classic & contemporary stories in Japan through exhibits and examples, plus – again importantly – inspiring other people to create their stories and sprinkle them out to the universe in whatever form they choose.

Fck Stats, Make Art.

Right here / it’s all about the cycles: they showed us the way, keep your notebooks handy & pencil sharpened, remember to share, remember to seek, & remember to go go go.

“I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up to mountains to pray, making children laugh and old men glad, making young girls happy and old girls happier, all of ’em Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatures …”

Jack Kerouac *fictional quoting* Japhy Ryder in Dharma Bums

Item: Toyota Esquire hybrid van (now named Agnes)

Bluebird and Agnes side by side for just a moment

Last April, we traded in our beloved Toyota Aqua hybrid named “Bluebird” for a Toyota hybrid van now named “Agnes” – she the “esquire” trim model, similar to the Voxy or the Noah but with a stepped-up interior which means leather captains seats, lots of extra gadgets, shades, connectors, DVD/stereo stuff, and other automatic gizmos.

We purchased used (about five or six years old depending on how you count the imperial years), about 100,000 km on it but in fantastic shape.

Our “car guy” from Claudia car office hooked us up as he did with our previous vehicles. In fact we spotted this on his lot when we went to pick up Ryoko’s incredible dump kei truck.

looks like a transformer
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Accidental Palaeontology (& related accruements)

a palaeontologist, i considered (briefly)

Maybe you’ve seen my variety of elementary school science projects which were more focussed on “social sciences” like anthropology, archeology, and arts and crafts, I mentioned this because as a kid, figured would end up as a scientist/researcher/writer/photographer, contracted by National Geographic to be an “explorer in residence” uncovering civilizations hitherto unknown, remixing the contexts to fit contemporary times – most importantly, having an assortment of interesting and useful practical tools as well as a bunch of cool equipment and accruements.

Dug his tools, his shirt and cap, his liquor bottle, gadgets, good luck charms, some photos of colleagues goofing in the ground with giant dinosaur thighs. He worked out of Okayama University and is celebrated – in a way – for his achievements.

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Quote: “a book is…” Baudelaire

What’s on your shelf?

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.”

Charles Baudelaire

Item: Glen-plaid pajamas and tiger smoking jacket in Jamaica

Items, (not) forgotten: Grey glen-plaid pyjamas with black piping plus fierce tiger-inspired smoking jacket/robe.

Oh Jamaica, will I ever see you again?

Left in Little Bay, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Note (at the time, June 17, 2014): “As always, choosing which smoking jacket to take is always the hardest part of packing. I think I’ve decided on one though and which set of pajamas to take too. So you can cross that off your list.”