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Renee vanoc says many costs spread across Canada but most benefit for BC

Blah blah green economy, recession, emerging buzzwords, diversity, showcase to the world yards yadda

Rick: beyond the possible economic benefits, what about the cost of civil liberties?

Michael (bcclu) says vanoc is not transparent – not forthcoming with road closures, security budgets …

Renee: I don’t know about security budget and dont want to – just want children to be safe no matter the cost

Renee: if security laid out budget, the bad guys would know how to breach – Ian: but they could still release total budget to mitigate

RT @infil00p: Dear VANOC: If you’re going to fall back on a website, make sure it works! Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re incompetent

Q: what about the artifacts from the games – torches, papers etc

A: vanoc we’re collecting & thinking if a plan of what to do with it all

Gregor: in the thick of it at opening ceremonies