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collections of visual art including oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings, travel ephemera collage art and even hand crafted party invites

Kintsugi-esque Postbox Haiku refresh – on a Goat Farm Visit

In the spirit of Kintsugi (usually meant for repairing busted ceramic pottery items with gold – and gluey goop but you don’t notice – to “emphasize” the imperfections), i repainted the worn-off top line of the haiku on the postbox at the “Rural Caprine Farm” in gold paint.

the “finished” fix-up / at this point, the paint is still wet so need to clearcoat next time over

Created this functional poetic installation (and the “inexact doppelgänger” on canvas) in 2018, scant days before meeting Ryoko.

the “shadow” of letters lost is poetic in itself but fresh up worthwhile

As it goes, this might be my most seen piece of art. And not only is it a functioning daily mailbox also – due to the exposure to elements and whatnot – the piece is constantly changing and evolving. Ergo: wabisabi / beauty in decay. Besides many insta-snaps, at least one patron painted the postbox itself.

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Post’d: a card for a patisserie (with a Sailor fountain pen)

“She has excellent taste” said someone else

Darling wife making a special hand-delivered postcard to friends to just opened an adorable France-inspired patisserie here in Okayama / includes ink stamps & 1¥ postage, written with #daveo50 Sailor brand fountain pen from Hiroshima.

PS Sailor brand presented special fountain pens to delegates attending the G7 whoop-de-do in Hiroshima last May.

“Japan’s Gifts to G7 Leaders at Hiroshima Summit, Sailor Pen “Iro-Miyabi” 21K Fountain Pen”

Mine is not same but is personalized & engraved.

The bakery, brand new, opened at 11 AM, we were there five minutes before & waited – the curtains opened and lights switched on exactly at 11, we entered, greeted our friend and within five minutes, there were eight other customers with straw baskets & tongs (provided) choosing amongst the lovely items.

The showcases looked straight out of a back laneway in Paris, my wife bought several items, and also gifted them a bottle of French wine, vintage 2023 to commemorate their opening.

The husband/baker came out the side door to give us at least 12 bows in thanks for coming by and offering support.

I wanted to take snapshots of everything but instead, found a wonderful wooden chair and took in this scene – indexing all of it in my poetry mind – and, snapped a picture of my shoe to remember I was there.

While this is the worst possible photos you could take of such an elegant situation, I did not want to violate patrons shopping experience, privacy and/or vibe yet commemorative the experience with a sloppy photo of a shoe socks and trousers to remind myself I was there and unlock the poetry gathered at the time

Secret Sketches (don’t tell *anyone*)

A penpal somewhere in Japan (can i tell your name?) produces lovely sketches – often of foks riding subways, gazing on phones, rocking headphones, lost in a book – and recently send a exceptionally well-produced photo ‘zine/chapbook.

On the envelope of recent dispatch were sketches of me and Ichiro – capture quick snap and stashing here for amusement and archiving (there are others which may join the collection, but for now:

Bonus: Note: he previously sent a fantastic mix CD.

fill up your calendar with hangouts with me, won’t ya

Post’d: Griffin & Sabine books, essay magazines and ‘the usual’

My intrepid wife did a big service this morning by swinging by the post office (i’d written this lil poem of concern):

Letters and packages
Ready since Monday
Post office tomorrow, maybe

Meanwhile: laundry to fold

Being an angel, she even did the stamps wonderfully and arranged a photo with the addresses discreetly disguised.

Includes: 3 more copies of beloved “Griffin and Sabine” book off to friends in Mexico, Vancouver and Prince Edward County – meant to inspire youth & olds alike making 9 copies of Nick Bantock’s beauty sent so far this run.

The book/series combines art in the form of handcrafted, postcards, variety of handwriting, styles, custom-made stamps –both ink and postal – and a narrative with switches between realms, realities, possibly time traveling, geographic locations / both real and fictional.

You can imagine why this is very much my style. And, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the author/artist on several occasions, including on the recent trip, and own many of his books (in English and Japanese), a couple of prints, personalized postcards and letters, and even originals from the book. Yep.

IsDave & WasNick, Victoria 2023

As an aside: introducing youth to books that are enjoyable, mixed media, stretch their possibilities, and even tactile is so important. Though I loved reading from a young age, the books assigned throughout junior / high school were insufferable and I know turned so many off. I made a list of examples if you would like me to include it here:

{Insert odd/curious/underwhelming assigned reading selections here for curiosity seekers}

There are also some signed magazines (with my essay), a custom artwork piece (made from an immigration card), a few postcards etc. in the bundle.

Good luck on your journey sweet dispatches!

this weary standard-issue postbox doesn’t really have anything to do with the above but noticed it from the van window while at a konbini, clearly dealing with sun stroke and loneliness

Sort-ganzing Global Postcards into Folios

Ya like postcards? Oh good! Handwritten Letters abound (with related anecdotes and digressions)

Let’s take a world tour with postcards, c’mon

Delightfully and gratefully, so many postcards and letters over the past few months, from Vietnam, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, Bahamas, Croatia, Spain, Austin Texas, St John’s Newfoundland and St John Arizona, San Francisco via Prince Edward County (not island), Austria (by way of Himalayas) various British Columbia islands and mainland, of course around Japan (Gifu especially), and heck Cape Cod and more.

Each comes with a story, some with sketches so – in a poorly lit bedroom with a strange machine at side – riff about each and share the stamps and stories which stashing into a folio. Folios really as some go in “general”, others have a separate binder, others into a special collections, others to be considered at a later point.

Then all tidies up with sharing postal address and a Dymo Label.

Includes backgrounder about Wade Davis’ stellar book about early approaches to Everest from Tibet side “Into the Silence”.

Post’d: variety of 13 queens, medium / messages, pins and 1 prince

It’s a dossier of secret documents from so many queens… About a dozen {oh I counted, 13 queens and one prince} And hey, that’s my address and phone number so you can get in on the fun (don’t drop by unexpected though, I won’t have had a chance to make tea) – guesses about the official – but not for me – documents inside this diplomatic pouch?

All these mediums and all these messages, who’s to say what’s what anymore? I’ll have to ask a Winnipigeon / then, and only then will the secrets be revealed – from a barn of annotated tomes

Update: package opened and contains my new uniform Haloha Dave

Yep, he’s definitely my boy :-) photo from his preschool when they sent letters to grandparents for “Elder appreciation day” / His was the only one with a special airmail stamp

Finally (for now) huge gratitude for the fantastic package from a dear kind friend since the mysterious Pacific Blue Drum Corps days (not ot be confused from the TV series or random company names) which will eventually have a proper dossier.

The three of us in bed last night tore through the layers of packing tape and into the treasure box of pins. Ya know i love treasures like these, each with a story, mostly from Vancouver/Victoria BC area in the 90s and 90s.

Ichiro was delighted and went through them one by one exclaiming to recognition of symbols he spotted in Canada and assigning us each ones to wear “no this one, no this one”.

For me, brought back so many memories of those 80s and 90s when I was back-and-forth (Utah to BC to Europe to Cali to Japan to …) here-and-there in what I realize now was my decades long quest for figuring out “what is Home”).

Ryoko especially enjoyed the repurposed soap box as it’s very Japanese style with the folding – an incredible act of sweetness.

I enjoy seeing your stories, vacation snapshots, childhood memories, last night dreams, creative projects, possible schemes – also: hats, trains, pipes, typewriters, zines, artifacts and what have you

Basically this info above will get your packet here (but if you need more info, DaveO Postal Address details and tips have ya covered).


Post’d: dispatches for “world postcard day” a bit late but hey…

A step behind for #WorldPostcardDay but hey, grapes and turmeric tea on a bamboo bed desk, scribbling up handmade/printed Postcards to pals (met and not yet) in Sussex UK, Torrey (Utah), St John’s (AZ not NL), and various points around the region currently known as British Columbia.

Yes, that’s me with the beard, Richard Brautigan’s book of poetry, my own poetry postbox, and Don Mee dim sum in Victoria.

So very fondly, sent with affection (and decorated with inky & postal stamps)

Post’d: 2 incredibly adorable cards off to find a heart

Two exceptionally adorable postcards into the post today (i love dropping into the postbox and the little stroll involved but since I’m desperately ill, the wife managed the important task)

The only thing better than keeping these wonderful postcards is sending them off to equally wonderful humans

The combination of the exceptional art and the tactile paper which takes the ink so elegantly, the details on reverse, choosing the stamps just right… All of it sparked my heart.

And I hope the recipients feel the goodness intended in each of my semi-legible scribbles.