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paintings and other art which are one-off, have no companions, themes, nor collection to join. as such, they hang out together for your enjoyment

Flowers (pink, on desk) / acrylic

Flowers (pink, on desk)
acrylic on stretched canvas
2019, Nusa Ceningan

daveo + ryoko

Flowers (blue, on table) / acrylic

Flowers (blue, on table)
acrylic on stretched canvas
2019, Nusa Ceningan

daveo + ryoko

Misquotes (various), vol. 1

Be the Quote you want to see in the world

Inspired by cloth prints – often sporting papyrus typeface – spouting dodgy quotes which may or may not have been said (or accurately translated) by Dalai Lama 14 (or otherwise), Gandhi (which one?) sold at beachy templey gift shops (cough Bali cough), and by frequently misquoted analects attributed to Gautama Buddha (propagated by *experts* on PBS documentaries), i scribbled a few non-sensical mis-quotes in a notebook somewhere in Indonesia (or was in Thailand or Philippines?). No matter, just for momentary amusement. There are others, maybe i’ll find somewhere.

In the meantime: (Don’t judge me) Make your own, print em in papyrus font and see them hang in coffee shops and Malibu beach homes. 

To gain anything, first you need to lose everything
Lost in translation

Fresh (imaginary) Flowers x 2

painting flowers blue
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2018-9
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2018-9

Made in collaboration with artist/singer/arborist Ryoko Fujita (藤田良子) of Okayama, Japan.

Self-portrait, with cheese / mixed media collage

Self portrait with cheese 8x10 mixed media

Self portrait, with cheese
collage / mixed-media
1993, Rhodt, Germany

Diptych(ish) Postcard from Rhodt, Germany: Watercolour and Photo

Once upon a time in 1992, I hitchhiked around Germany (and other Western European countries) and met up with my dear pal Trevor in a magical, fairytale town near the Rhine River called Rhodt unter Reitburg.

To earn some deutsche marks, we would gather chestnuts in the woods, and sell them to the tourists who enjoyed eating Kastanien, boiled, while drinking the excellent local wine. While passing time at our “stand,” I painted the local environs.

Now, with the wonders of the Internet, I can find photos of the scenes I only remember has faded watercolour pencil sketches. In this case, one of “crazy” King Ludwig’s summer villa/castle of some kind… Resplendent with ancient grape vines in the foreground.

via Instagram

Satan lives in Moab: painting + story (born from a song)

My pals in the defunct Provo, Utah band from the 1980s had a song called “The Devil Lives in Moab” and the Canyon Country Zephyr newspaper also had an article about Satan sightings in the area. With these facts in mind, i wrote a story about Satan living in Moab and (as the song dictated) sold hot dogs.

Then, for a spoken word performance of the story, i (and Marty Kendall) painted this mixed media mural on a refrigerator box. Along with a few others, it lived in my VW bus for many years and now it is gone.

Arts and Crafts: Personal Paintings in Progress

A rapid tour of Dave’s paintings in progress with partially finished paintings (mostly from Europe: Spain, Portugal and Belgium) draped in various states of completion in a working kitchen studio.

Scottish Lakes High Camp Cabin

Scottish Lakes High Camp Cabin
Watercolor pencil on paper
Dave Olson

Angry Piglet – Backdrop


Angry Piglet – Backdrop
Mixed-media on
Refrigerator box cardboard
circa 1989, Logan, Utah