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Post’d: mossy tea & other delights

Another handful of #Postcards dropped into the neural network which somehow brings each to places far afield.

Matcha tea bowl on a mossy rock in Metchosin

Dispatches this time are mostly DIY featuring snapshots from our #BCInvasion which caught my eye while making the commemorative flashback videos.

The reverse addressable sides are – admittedly – quite majestic, some featuring the #Japanpost ¥63 New Year dragon stamps with the “lucky number” (admittedly, I checked the numbers to make sure were not winners before affixed because they prizes wouldn’t do anyone any good in a foreign country).

Anyhow: Dropped and snapped on a drive-by at our local post office {at which I always trying to pump their stats to make sure they’re not a casualty of consolidation}.

Post, received: Nengajyo lucky numbers + 3 cards

I took down Christmas and New York cards, for the most part, from the “string of honor” (which you know also doubles as a high gauge speaker wire) and realized we hadn’t checked the “lucky numbers” which come included on the Japan Post manufactured (and customizable) new year cards and/or on the specific stamps celebrating the particular lunar year (in this case of course, dragon).

So we looked through the stack of received cards and found that we had three winners! so… I get to take to the post office to claim the well-won postage stamps. No trip to Hawaii but that’s totally fine, in fact this is very meta: stamps beget stamps.

We received so many wonderful cards – both international and domestic – which, I mean to make another one of my meandering, poorly/lit and rarely-viewed videos of putting the cards in folios to show you that I care (really, it’s just because I love the whole process of documenting these treasures), yet, in the meanwhile these three cards keep surfacing to the top:

One by Okayama pop artist Noriko Miyake and her hand-drawn/painted “goddess” art

One by Okayama modern traditional Shodo calligraphy artist Yoshiko Yoshida on exquisite paper stock

One from our friends Ed and Naomi in Nozawa onsen with a change of address (as they keep switching houses ;)) and a charming bit of art

Of course, yours is also awesome but just these three happen to be on the table waiting for their moment.

Would you like to send us a postcard? Just copy this address as above (written by Noriko Miyake) // all details also at “postal and contact“.

Post’d: postcards in pencil, featuring vintage scout scarf

A little batch of postcards, scribbled at the library, maybe on a bus – here and there – with a portable writing folio.

The “double double” at the shopping plaza with the splendid green payphone box and “standard issue” postbox next to each other sending Scouter Dave on his adventure

I won’t meander (much) about the details but provide evidence of creation and/or mailing – for the archivists and biographers.

Detail of the above, snapped at the shipyards in North Vancouver and sent to a friend who will *really* understand

Maybe you’re the same way, you have a small portable pack that can fit into a side bag to keep at hand with a few cards, stamps and possibly three writing utensils, and then have a larger case which contains a much more extensive supply of stationery. Is it just me?

Collage of current assortment… As you’ll notice, mostly snapshots, well actually all snapshots, from #BCInvasion

The one shown above used to hold photographic slides (although my wife’s uncle insists that it was once a Mahjong case) and is now held together with decorative tape for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.

Post’d: Not *really* New Year cards, but kinda, just more silky lounging

Not exactly new year cards… we’ve moved on, right?

atop the rusty post box in our neighbourhood

Specifically: a couple for birthdays // yes, me lounging in a hotel lobby in monogram’d pajamas, silk robe & dapper hat (natch) waiting for food delivery; another a message about healing with grace and facing demons; and, the other variation of time traveler daguerreotype as another special delivery for a late address.

check that paper grain – swoony right?

Oh and this one *is* a New Year card, even though past official “new year” time. Hand-decorated and personally-deliveredwith bonus dragon accessory and special stamp from a country I can’t quite read with my fuzzy eyes.

Crafted with kohi at the goat farm to a very lovely recipient i’ve known since she was in a high-chair and is now a wonderful mama to 3 rambunctious lads. And whilst clear coating a postbox haiku you’ve already read about and yes more coverage to follow.

New Year Card round-up flashback chit-chat #video

“With over 400 cards now posted for this new year – in four different styles/variations/purposes – I flip through a special historical retrospective collection constructed for a friend who missed out… While drinking coffee on *coming of age* day.”

Bring your own coffee, chair provided however

Note: Cards are accessorized by cancelled international postal stamps as well as a wide variety of custom and standard ink stamps.

Usual anecdotes, digressions and back stories included, as usual.


* 2024 Ichiro airplane special edition “see you again” w/ JAL at Okayama Momotaro airport

The Inaugural Ichiro special edition “see you again” airport card

* 2024 “Kinome 10th anniversary” 2 variations, both from Varley Trail, Lynn Canyon {to follow}

* 2023 “Baseball Halloween squad” with Japan, Mariners (both Ichiro) and Canada uniforms + persimmons and tiger and rabbit haiku on reverse plus Noto

* 2023 “BC invasion” coming soon! commemorative card on NHK Taro-man set (shared with friends met along the way)

Taro-man NHK teevee set “BC invasion!” Preview movie poster

* 2023 “Japan normal life” Tsuchida cartographic signpost / representative item (1/30 designs bundled into sets of 5/ea envelope)

* 2022 “Linda Lindas” shirts & swag at Tsuchida yard with insta-cam & dymo label

“Linda Linda’s fan club” before and after adornment by Dymo label

* 2021 “Steady on Time Travelers” featuring Fluevogs, vintage dress, typewriter, red horse and 101 day old Ichiro

* 2020 “pink collage” with typewriter messages, photos from Shinto shrine wedding ceremony, goat farm wedding party, Ceningan honeymoon etc.

“Pink collage” along with other enveloped items

Note: eventually reference copies of original art may appear here so you can “make your own” if you missed out on any of the series – because I know some of you must be really fretting about an incomplete collection :-)

rounded up, how many do you have?

Items: Sonic Youth card, and last batch of New Year cards, (right?)

Pretender to the contender
tyvm EE, JJL & DW + SY

I pretend to make best festive seasonal greetings cards but truth is: ours are 3rd place.

In 1st place every year are album cover remixes by Emily Elias & hubbo John Lyons created in an ongoing collaboration with the obviously-very-versatile Danny Wong, in the UK.

Note: @emilyreports & @johnjeromelyons created w/ @dannywong83 (IG handles)

Past years included spot-on interpretations of Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Kraftwerk, KISS, etc & this year is best SonicYouth / so fantastic!

2nd place is yours of course!


These must be the last cards, right?

This might really really be the last batch because all out of the “time traveler family” cards featuring the K. Miner daguerreotype and N. Bantock stamps, as well as many other details. Kept one commemorative version for our stash, stamped at Korakuen on New Year’s Day.

Official when frank’d

A few more of Ichiro’s inaugural custom friendship cards off to cousins and a few other young friends he hasn’t met yet.

A couple card packets were put in envelopes due to specifically excessively long addresses (i.e.: Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand) to ensure reliable delivery.

This includes a card addressed to a forthcoming baby in Mexico who will be born in the year of the dragon to a mama I met in India – we enjoyed some pleasant time together and have remained penpals of sorts. I love the feeling of having the first postal mail addressed to a child. Managed to do the same to a baby in the Netherlands (born to brilliant multi-multi-lingual parents) and though not a baby, the first card mailed to a friend who, after unstable housing situations, finally has a home with an address. All of these please me.

While I’m being unnecessarily thorough, I printed out a few more Kinome cards for Ryoko to send to various customers, colleagues, supporters etc. of her business. She’s got some special things planned this year so I am so proud/excited for her.

Onwards with “definitely not new year cards”

For #PostboxSaturday this humble and unassuming small unit sits at the entrance of a national heritage shrine in Okayama Japan: Kibitsu Jinja.

Of course I mailed a postcard & curious about the cancellation stamp (sometimes special ones from historic locations).

{if, you happen to be looking closely, you might wonder about the card which is a “certificates of completeness” regarding the collaboratively forged passport project now seeking a museum}

Three books: various kinda & important for various reasons

Three important book, of various kinds and origins.

1) Taisho/early Showa era commercial art about which I am quite fascinated – plus, the cover reminds me of my wife // this era of Japan before militarism took over and there was for a brief golden time with a burgeoning international mindset, a “jazz age” of sorts, s3xual opennesses and class conventions dissolving. Curious to peruse the book further

2) “Confidential” one of the many journals, scrapbooks, scribble books, diaries etc. I filled up this year with words of course, but also items, dried flowers, artifacts and memos… Reminding myself that I didn’t “publish” a lot beyond my own channels, yet I created a lot of material, it’s just confidential for now // ps seen behind is the Shawn Parkinson designed print issue of Narwhal from Vancouver

3) 70 from my dear sensei Larry Harper who introduced a 17-year-old high school dropout at the community college that creative writing is a noble endeavor and life pursuit. This is his book “70” with appropriately, 70 different components including short plays, poems (long and short), stories of various lengths, and lists – it’s very punk rock as there is no ISBN, UPC barcode, not available on that major international book reseller. And yes, there’s shades of me in here, including a blurb, a riff and an inscription

New Year “Nengajyo” 2024 / Reiwa 5 ~ for (calm) Dragons

Thar be Dragons Ahoy!

Wishing you Calm in 2024, Reiwa 5 if you prefer.

Fondly from the Olsons of Tsuchida Cottage – Ichiro, Ryoko and Daveo

For the collectors, enthusiasts, pals, renegades, artsy types, lovers and mysterios.

photo: Ken Miner
stamp: Nick Bantock
shodo: Takushi Fujita
flourish: Ryoko Olson
design, Uncle Weed

Substrate: Sri Lankan elephant dung paper

Details include:

fingerprint for biometric convenience, ¥500 vending machine hanko stamp, accurate return address, ¥100 store numeral stamps, “postcard” ink stamp from Lydia in Austin, etc.

Post’d: a card for a patisserie (with a Sailor fountain pen)

“She has excellent taste” said someone else

Darling wife making a special hand-delivered postcard to friends to just opened an adorable France-inspired patisserie here in Okayama / includes ink stamps & 1¥ postage, written with #daveo50 Sailor brand fountain pen from Hiroshima.

PS Sailor brand presented special fountain pens to delegates attending the G7 whoop-de-do in Hiroshima last May.

“Japan’s Gifts to G7 Leaders at Hiroshima Summit, Sailor Pen “Iro-Miyabi” 21K Fountain Pen”

Mine is not same but is personalized & engraved.

The bakery, brand new, opened at 11 AM, we were there five minutes before & waited – the curtains opened and lights switched on exactly at 11, we entered, greeted our friend and within five minutes, there were eight other customers with straw baskets & tongs (provided) choosing amongst the lovely items.

The showcases looked straight out of a back laneway in Paris, my wife bought several items, and also gifted them a bottle of French wine, vintage 2023 to commemorate their opening.

The husband/baker came out the side door to give us at least 12 bows in thanks for coming by and offering support.

I wanted to take snapshots of everything but instead, found a wonderful wooden chair and took in this scene – indexing all of it in my poetry mind – and, snapped a picture of my shoe to remember I was there.

While this is the worst possible photos you could take of such an elegant situation, I did not want to violate patrons shopping experience, privacy and/or vibe yet commemorative the experience with a sloppy photo of a shoe socks and trousers to remind myself I was there and unlock the poetry gathered at the time