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collections of photos with a theme or intent behind the assortment – not to be confused with snaps and notes which are a collection-y

#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Karaoke Wildmen

“Born to be wild” karaoke style in Misasa Japan ca.1993 with mad dog and me… Some liquor had been consumed by this point #virtualtrickortreat #Kimono

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Dressed up as nature


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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: 3 Wise Boys

Dress-up fun time isn’t just for Halloween! I’m pretty sure I was the one carrying frankincense #virtualtrickortreat #ThreeWiseLads

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Afro Dave

The night we burned it down. #Afro #solocup #virtualtrickortreat #Olywa

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Hair Farmer


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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Los cousins Banditos

Los cousins Banditos #PardonMySpanish #SecondAmendment #virtualtrickortreat

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Drum Corps Parader

Who doesn’t love a parade? The folks in Bridgeview that who. Once upon a time, me and some of my finest friends played in a “drum and bugle corps” no it’s not like a marching band, marching bands are for wusses, drum corps is for musicians :-) anyway, in a political quest to gain favour to build a new bingo hall in Bridgeview, we did a parade in that section of Surrey, also known as “turf city” at the foot of the Pattulo bridge. People were not on the street and actually came out of their houses to yell at us for waking them up. But that wasn’t near the pain that I felt from trying to carry that marimba with the shitty harness and march in step with my bow-legged, duck-footed legs. Noteworthy in the snapshot is my pal Brad and our two instructors Bill and Rob. Those guys seem to enjoy us giving them tons of shit which we were fantastic at. And they taught us a ton about drumming, travelling and life. #DCI #PacificBlue #Siri #Parade #Bridgeview #Marimba #Pain #Chiropractor #Travel #1980s #friends #drums #tour

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Submarine Tour Guide

Well, this is truly terrifying… Me as a Tour guide/narrator (in Japanese) aboard a half-submarine ship SS Neptune along with the knuckleheads I worked with on #Guam (US “colony”) note: I’m the one on the far right #Haircut #Tintin #virtualtrickortreat

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#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Beach Club Host

What can be more terrifying than the submarine tour guide? How about a tour host at star sand beach club? Again on island of #Guam, and close down after a terrorist incident you may have heard about in New York City. Note: the private beach was accessible via Anderson Air Force Base. The pale one is Lt. Magnum, then entirely a civilian. I’m the one second from the left :-) #virtualtrickortreat

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Moab, Timp and other sundry Utah — Photo Collection

Ahoy! Rarely shared artifacts from wonderful times rambling the mountains and canyons and parties and dumps of Utah circa 1987-8.

1) Me and Dane Christensen at the Moab dump which is clearly the world’s most scenic (note this may be my most popular photo on Flickr and been invited to join all sorts of *interesting* groups)

At Moab, Utah landfill, world's most scenic

2) Me, barely 17 at the Fat Tire Festival in Moab (was this the first year?) Halloween Party dressed as Santa Claus. At that ti     me i did not have an awsum beard so i though the disguise would let me wrangle beers. Totally worked. Note the Nun and Priest in the background blessing my effort and the fact that this is a film selfie taken before many of your were born. ‪#‎oldskoool‬

Halloween at Moab Fat Tire Festival circa 1988

3) Next is “Scenic Tours VWs” – a personal fave remixed over the year starting with a shot of Lin Ottinger’s infamous fleet of split-window/23 window VWs which would roam the Canyonlands long before the thrings of motorhomes, lycra-clad knuckleheads and 2 storey buildings came to Moab. Tis surrounded with other buses i’ve loved, admired, drove and encountered.

Collage of VW featuring Lin Ottinger's Canyonlands Tour buses

4) Back to Fat Tire Fest and Halloween where Brandon G Kiggins and I did the very bare minimum for costumes with drugstore purchases of Mr. T and, i dunno, some space warlord of some kind. I don’t recall bringing a bicycle that year, just a fake ID and a desire for chaos.

Halloween at Moab Fat Tire Fest

5) Mt. Timpanogos towers over Utah Valley (AKA Happy Valley) and is famous for it’s caves, a perpetual ice field, wild mountain goats and is a relatively easy day climb to the summit for hearty folks. Me and pals and brother Bob  rambled up this peak from every direction, season and circumstance. Amazed and taken by the splendour at the top, i posed in naught but my tan hide and gazed at the valley below.

Free and nekkid atop Timanogos

6) I wasn’t always nekkid atop Mt. Timp, on a windy day, brother Bob and I captured the successful summit attempt in front of the surveying shack which allows theodolites to calibrate Boyd Christensen correct me if i’m wrong here). Either way, a windy day but two ruggedly attired (exclusively from Deseret Industries thrift stores) disciples of Smoke Blanchard posed for a pic to send to our Dad (RIP).

Atop Timanogos Mountain, Utah circa 1987

PS Dane, Eli Morrison or Brandon Kiggins – do any of you have a recording of the Devil Lives in Moab by The (infamous) Trees?