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Me in my place, at peace

Amongst all the hospital visits and dental appts and other “stuff going on behind the scenes which not ready to discuss” had a few more visitors, fulfilling my objective last summer of:

more pals just ‘rolling by for coffee and records’

As such neighbor pal snapped this of me in kura:

Re: turntable // GT stands for “gigantic tremendous” you can’t make it up. Early 80s, peak bubble goods. Fully manual, nothing automatic. Has a bubble level, rpm changer, go/stop & a platen which could decapitate. It was comedy getting it up the stairs and then had to build a special shelf

And was just a spontaneous kind of stealth shot… No big deal, I am at peace, we’re listening to John Coltrane or Chet Baker and swapping stories of road trips in Cascadia and how we came to be in Japan and met at a goat farm // the gent lives quite close by and brought pastries

{I’m still amazed my life journey brought me here with my art supplies, creations and holy smokes, all of my records! Look closely and you’ll see a signed Billy Bragg, re-issued Modernettes, paintings by Jean Smith, Cat Leonard and Timothy Wilson Hooey ++ And of course, that’s Joe Strummer mounted on industrial steel shelving captured by @bev101 at the US festival in California & the turntable is 55 kg Yamaha GT 2000 (a gift from my doctor) – can hardly believe life worked out like this after I lost everything including myself}

Thanks Mr T Fast.

PS When I think about the guy in 2018 who stumbled back to Okayama to hide out at a goat farm with a life in shambles, everything seemingly lost, body mind soul all damaged goods – I take none of it for granted. Savor it all, everything is possible.

Items: specs, sharps, notes, seals, pins, ashes, flag etc

* Stonehenge sketchpad which appears large but is actually small, red cover, watercolor paper

* Air mail stickers, some small, some medium

* Small envelope with small photograph of small people

* (beginnings of) a letter, or memo at least, to someone named Emma, “Dear Emma” // never finished, never even started. It’s all a mystery to me. If you remember who Emma is, please remind me. Dear dear Emma.

* Leatherman multi-tool with locking blades, all steel, no plastic (sorry RS)

* Spectacles (green, progressive bifocal, transition tint) no longer operational/current prescription – seen with Chums brand eyeglass retainer (from Hurricane, Utah)

* Incense burner/holder (unidentified hardwood)

* Letter opener, steel

* Ashes, mother

* Embroidered handkerchief, shamrock

* Pins, Vancouver-centric designs, 3

* Sri Lankan flag, small

Items: stamps, inky (via air mail, priority, confidential etc) + postcard to sortganize

Stamps, several
various (styles and texts), inventoried

Ink stamps, a variety, including:

  • Via Air Mail
  • Priority (Cantonese/English)
  • Priority (English only)
  • Draft
  • Urgent
  • Urgent (another)
  • Completed
  • First class mail
  • Note
  • flower petals, array
  • unidentified canine footprint
  • Peace sign (on string)


many stationery items to sortganize

Items: stationery tools, art-making materials, etc.

Entirely unnecessary – but somehow critical – inventory:

  • various: watercolor set, craypas, watercolor pencils, colored pencils
  • wood-carving tools (4)
  • mechanical drawing tools, set
  • triangular straight edge measuring tools (2)
  • whistle (steel, on lanyard)
  • ink stamp pad (3), re-inker (1)
  • serrated edge scissors
  • hole punch (single)
  • scissors (steel, black handle)
  • paper crimper (punch to combine papers in lieu of stapler)
  • charcoal (for drawing, not burning) in sliding box
  • green watercolor pencil, solitary


Shiba-inu notepad (woof bark)

Items: 4 paintings by C. Leonard & J. Smith + Mecca Normal

Four new paintings added to Tsuchida Cottage gallery collection:

1 x Cat Leonard (Australia)

3 x Jean Smith (Canada) // joining existing 2 which likely appear elsewhere in this archive

Bonus: painter Jean Smith is also the vocalist in groundbreaking/interesting band “Mecca Normal” and included a few items in the packet

Memo: As you may know, other artists on display at our home gallery are: Noriko Miyake, Michal Korman, John Ferrie, Timothy Wilson-Hooey, Vincent Gornall… several others

Items: stationæry, lettering, books – to sortganize

A special Letraset / dry transfer lettering collection just discovered in the deep stash >> sending out to all the #Fanzine #Zine makers.

Yeah, before desktop publishing, this is how it was done / some of the time anyway.

Postcards, postcards, postcards and papers. Including much Hotel letterhead/stationery, vintage envelopes, and the usual riffraff of ephemera.

{Requires some tidying up and sort-ganizing – which I’m fantastic at yet I get distracted by wanting to “make everything into something”}

Three small books.

There are several more small books to be documented later.

For now, three small books.

+ Two larger books, very specifically for studying for an arborist exam in Japan

Old boarding passes, row 42(0), it checks out #Legit

DIY book to accompany Belly album “Dove”… // backed the project and was delivered digitally so made my own liner note booklet… now have on vinyl (inventoried elsewhere, possibly)

Items in kura, inventoried: (scrapbook poetry, letters, wallets, records, map)

Rare hang out out in the kura barn (while wife’s band rehearses inside so a bit too much commotion for me) So instead, I’m putting away books and *trying to* tidy up stacks of scrapbook materials, ephemera, maps, passports, other treats / so much goodness! But first need space on the…


What follows are artifacts, mildly documented, in situ, with brief annotations.


Rec’d: Capital Reef/Fruita area map and guide from Larry Sensei at Dark Star Ranch, Torrey, UT


Exhibition cards:

Scrapbook’d: two exhibit cards from artist Noriko Miyake “start from myself” etc at Love Sanctuary Café
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Vinyl: eclectic assortment – punk, wave, folk-pop etc – from UK, by post

Yes, I love to buy records… I don’t get hung up on the “collectibility” or the rarity, but I am partial to quality, variety, but mostly… I’ll admit it, nostalgia & i buy em to play em.

Sure, I’m always trying out new bands, but there’s a sweet spot from the 80s and 90s (hello Gen X) which has a tractor beam on me.

Although I live in a country with stellar record shops, I don’t get out much so often do my shopping by post. Problem is: while for years, I never was charged custom duty import fees, I’m getting hit every time a new batch comes in – coupled with weak yen, and generally challenging shipping fees – gotta quit this routine. Also, I have the proverbial stacks of wax but I’ve yet to break into, even since the BC trip, which was almost well… Creeping up on a year ago.

So, with this unnecessarily long preamble in mind:

I ordered some records from a fellow named Alan in the UK, including 7 inch singles (including unusual double single), 12 inch EP/singles, and LPs (some double, some gatefold). I opened the box, took quick lousy snapshots, and voila, for your amusement. Minimal annotations included.

Generally 7″ singles

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Scenes of life: spiral staircase, library signs, basket of balls + pink door

While out and about on various expeditions, snap snap’d the usual days and the glimpses of regular life.

{With generally unrelated diary notes which happened to happen the same day}

Up early, by my standards, to see classic movie “the sound of music” at some community something something place.

First, a stop at a rusty strip of shops which houses an exquisite French style bakery: fluffy cakes, croissants, croque monsieur, brie / prosciutto sandos + uniforms. Swoon!

Made it as far as the intermission in the exceptional epic “sound of music” – Each time, notice the fantastic use of light and shadows, and pacing (+ of course stellar stoic Christopher Plummer as well as the effervescent Julie Andrews) – was kind of my speed, maybe a total of 8 people at the screening, the 3 of us were by far the youngest / I forgot my “pro tip” of always bringing my own slippers… but anyway, now ramen w/ evidence:

Then, nearby our not-so-secret-anymore Ramen place, went to check out the dinosaurs in the shopping arcade, spotting a few bits of *normal* along the way: a basket of balls, a pink door, a streetscape sign – all very pleasing in their normalness…

…and were fortunate to catch the “Okayama University woodwind orchestra” (or something like that) rocking through the final bit of their set. Especially enjoyed seeing the percussion section of course:


Was a Sunday of a three day weekend and coming out of the winter doldrums or whatever but a lot of people out and about, which meant that after my usual limit of 1.5 activities, we should’ve run for home but a library visit was on the agenda.

I tried to find a quiet corner to scribble postcards with limited success. Ichiro checked out a massive – both quantity and size (quite literally as included an oversize book with a spine approximately a meter which was packed in a giant padded satchel), and join me for scribbling postcards, including one to himself, another to a cousin, and of course he did much stamping.

I noticed that “technically” no photos are allowed in the library (of course, taking photos of patrons/humans is totally offside) and also “no self study without using library materials” which may have made my postcard writing an inappropriate act.

But, spotting books such as “start up 101 “”what is sound art?” and “end of life” required documentation – as did a lovely construction paper collage of a train station.

Usually, libraries are calm and chill but again, at no fault of the other patrons, a little bit too much going on for me. We did make a stop at the embedded coffee shop for a tasty beverage and refresh before…

Yet another stop on the way home to a shopping plaza to dump off some plastic recycling and purchase a few items, during which I hung out on a bench outside, mailed postcards, and spotted “cake box” – which I can only imagine is a service for ordering a cake which is placed in this box, then magically opened so you can pick up (obviously), a cake, and I’m sure it’s quite wonderful.


I would like to thank Taylor Swift & her conundrum of getting from Tokyo to Las Vegas for football by going backwards across the international dateline for helping my friends in the USA understand that yes, I live in tomorrow in Japan (also yesterday but that’s another story)

And, at the risk of being Cliff Claven, I like to explain to people that:

* The international dateline is not straight

* And yes, I have crossed the international dateline by ship

* But no, I have not passed the exact point of the international dateline and equator simultaneously #shellback

Finally, enjoyed a few “old-time style” phone calls with pals recently… It took me years to get over my phone phobia from a terrible job in Utah, 1987 but now find it quite pleasant to sit in my dark room with a beverage yapping away to someone, in this case, back in Utah. {Note: not using the phone pictured}