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documentary snaps of life – fleeting glimpse, possibly elsewhere – sometimes a collection but those are using photo essays so these just are

Memento: Bowl of Dried Frogs (Phitsanulok)

Bowl of Dried Frogs (Phitsanulok)

Artifact: Peter Puck’s Coloring Book

Peter Puck’s Coloring Book (circa 197x)

Memento: El Cortez Hotel (Las Vegas)

El Cortez Hotel, Las Vegas (Fremont Street), Nevada

Mementos: Phewa Lake (Pokhara, Nepal)

boatman on shore
boat underway on lake
boatman drinks tea

Artifact: Microphone (at Hotel Zed, Victoria, BC)

“On the Air” Microphone at Hotel Zed, Victoria, BC – note VW Bus in background

Items: Round Up “cigarettes” (bubble gum)

Round Up “cigarettes” (bubble gum)

Note: Not to be confused with Round Up toxic killer chemical cocktail

Artifact: Pipe and Matches (Swan Vestas)

Pipe and Matches (Swan Vestas)

Artifacts: Writing Utensils / Implements, assorted

Items: Writing Utensils / Implements, assorted

Artifact: Pear (same, twice)

Pear, 1
Pear, 2

Mementos: Karapitiya / Galle, Sri Lanka (4 views)

Tending to horse race wager forms (in between naps)
Train station (Galle) cargo office
Writing desk (filled with useful items) and rice fields
Walking a cow past house