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Jack Kerouac Exhibit in Kobe: books, typewriters, vibes

“On The Road” – Learn about Jack Kerouac’s classic novel in Kobe

“On The Road” – Learn about Jack Kerouac’s classic novel in Kobe, Japan from July 3 to August 8. This book is the fountainhead of so much what we now call counter culture – breaking out of the illusions of postwar malaise and sparking so much of what we know to be true today about personal expression, practical freedom, and mind expansion.

This exhibit will feature rare and unique editions of Kerouac and contemporaries books, typewriters and a faithful reproduction of the original sc/roll of On the Road as well as a speaker series.

More information at BB Plaza Museum of Art’s event listing.

Also: a fantastic guide about On the Road for Japanese readers made by Prof Theado and his classes outlining and explaining much of the unique vocabulary, slang, colloquialisms and cultural references – plus a rundown of Jazz musicians – from the book specifically for Japanese audiences. 

Sure hoping all comes together safely and we can celebrate this story together after last year’s event being thwarted by public health concerns.

PS Kerouac in Kobe FB group

++ Hattip to Matt Theado and regards to Jim Canary.

Note: credit for the Japanese readers’ guide are: 

Designed and Edited by 
Akane Kawaguchi and Sana Adachi (神戸市外国語大学 M.Theadoゼミ所属) 

Cooperated by
Students in American Culture Seminar class
 at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies(神戸市外国語大学Theadoゼミ)

Spiel: blurb for “Rethinking The Boardroom” / UBC SLC, 2011

blurb for “Rethinking The Boardroom” / UBC SLC, 2011

See also: Hitchhiking + Leadership for Student Leaders at UBC – Round-up + UBCevents With Dave Olson – January 8th, 2011(video)

Spiel: Stage Set Sketch for “Forgotten Vancouver Stories” / NV 2013

Spiel: Stage Set Sketch for “Forgotten Vancouver Stories” / NV 2013
Dave uncleweed Olson shares Forgotten Vancouver Stories
Actual stage at Northern Voice, 2013 keynote (photo Emme Rogers)

See also: Forgotten Vancouver Stories at NV13 – Annotations, Remarks, etc / artifact roundupRevolutions, Punks & Poets: Vancouver’s Forgotten Stories (video)

Spiel: TEDx CapU, booklet / 2012

Spiel: TEDx CapU, booklet / 2012, cover
Spiel: TEDx CapU, booklet / 2012, speaker page

See also: On the Road to Creativity – TEDx Capilano University, 2011 – Round-up + TEDxCAPU- David Olson-On the road to creativity (video)

Spiel: sign from “F@ck Stats, Make Art” at SxSW, 2009

Spiel: sign from “F@ck Stats, Make Art” at SxSW, 2009

See also: F@ck Stats, Make Art spiel at SXSWi 2009 – Round-up Jamboree

Crowd Sourcing Community Projects like Tom Sawyer at SxSWi 2012: video

Tom Sawyer famously talked his gang into paying him for the privilege of whitewashing  a fence while he sat by and supervised. In this talk by Dave Olson at SxSW Interactive on March 10th 2012, he shares how companies might inspire their community to crowd source projects by engaging passionate users with a mutually beneficial relationship.

This video – made from appropriately crowd-sourced photos, social posts, and other snippets + music – includes Mark Twain-period costuming, pipes, smoking jackets, board games, old-timey suitcase, mysterious envelopes, audience participation and plenty of laughs while focusing on practical tactics to rally communities with clear expectations, boundaries, rewards, and objectives and importantly – without manipulating.

3 very different project examples provide tangible advice for various campaign timelines, outcomes and audiences, and include:

* True North Media House: a long-planned (and fantastically successful), renegade self-accreditation citizen documentation project at Vancouver 2010 Olympics / Paralympics 

* Phones for Fearless: a rapidly planned and deployed initiative to gather dis-used mobile phone/cameras for use by marginalized communities to tell their stories

* Hootsuite Translation: activating global cultures to speedily and accurately translate and localize a social media dashboard using a web tool… with unexpected outcomes

Includes cameos of dozens of bright faces in Austin at the noteworthy event, plus more recent voice over to bring the projects up to date and share more resources to explore further including screenshots from various media appearances, reviews, tweets, and whatnot of the talk and aftermath for extra colour. Continue reading Crowd Sourcing Community Projects like Tom Sawyer at SxSWi 2012: video

Sharing Social Marketing Stories for Communities – Community Roundtable, 2010 – Transcription

Preamble: I shared stories about growing Hootsuite on a grassroots level and break down tools and tactics in this “Conversations with Community Managers” audio pod interview from May 27, 2010.

Details: Conversations with Community Managers – Dave Olson (Hootsuite) Episode #9 features Dave Olson, Marketing Director for HootSuite, which helps people and companies track, monitor and manage their Twitter communities.

Audio: Sharing Social Marketing Stories for Communities – Community Roundtable, 2010


Note: this transcription was performed by Jimmy M. in Kenya with best efforts. Any feedback + errors or omissions are welcome. Also, i do not work for Hootsuite as of Sept 2017 and views are not the company’s etc.

Welcome to conversations with Community Managers, a podcast series with actual Community Managers from a variety of Industries. On this podcast, we peel back the hype and get into ‘how to’ discussions that uncover community and social media management best practices. Conversations with Community Managers is a co-production of Voce Communications and the Community Roundtable.

Doug Haslam: This is Doug Haslam from Voce Communications.

Jim Storer: And Jim Storer from the Community Roundtable.

Doug: And with us is Dave Olson, the Marketing Director for Hootsuite joining us from Vancouver…North Vancouver I guess, right?

Dave: Well the office is in right here in downtown Vancouver but I live up in the hills of North Vancouver right on the side of the mountain so I get to sort of descend from the upper reaches into the city each day.

Jim: Beautiful.

Doug: About your title, so Marketing Director which is pretty traditional and old school but you say you like to call yourself Community Wrangler. Can you explain what that means?

Dave: Oh really underneath what I do at marketing and it really includes everything from the messaging and the PR and the public relations, media relations as well as support, all those things tie back into telling our story and building a community culture around all that. So I prefer Community Wrangler just because it sounds a little less corporate but really things like support is the new marketing and community building is the new marketing. So a lot of the things that traditionally would be done by a marketing director, I do them clearly differently, to say the least. Continue reading Sharing Social Marketing Stories for Communities – Community Roundtable, 2010 – Transcription

Kerou-whacked / On The Road exhibit in Kobe, cancelled (not shocking)

Like everything, not shockingly, the Jack Kerouac “on the road” sc/roll exhibition in Kobe (what would’ve been the sc/roll’s first time in Asia), and my related storymaking workshop “We are the stories we create“ are cancelled.

Good news is: I have a handy inky “cancelled” stamp to make the poster an accurate souvenir.

Best regards to Professor Matt Theado and his colleagues at the University and museum for all the work that went into this project and also hat tip to the keeper of the artifact, the wonderfully named, Mr. Jim Canary, who would’ve been subject to a two week quarantine amongst other challenges of going forward with this event.

Not a lot of fun but we could’ve delivered him rice balls a few times a day and left them at the door :).

Hopefully, there will be an availability in the future for Mr. Canary and the scroll to make the trip. I had big ideas for my workshop, but not really things that are shareable by video as meant to be hands-on.

The time will come, the time will come.

Patience and time are our allies. I’ll keep sharing the goods from Jack Kerouac and contemporaries in the meanwhile.

Jack Kerouac – mixed media storymaker

Jack Kerouac is/was a mixed-media story maker. Sure mostly noted for novels or poems but also made sketches/drawing, imaginary baseball games, diary, notebooks and indeed paintings. Evidence follows.

Also friendly reminder Jack’s noted artifact – the whole dang sc/roll of On the Road comes to Kobe Japan from end of April ~ end of May and i am helping kick off the bonanza with a special mixed media storymaking workshop on April 29 1400-1600. Will involve scissors, glue and me and you + envelopes and suitcases of mystery and usual assorted hats

Hit the road with Kerouac – from New York to Kobe (or something like that)

Hit the road with Kerouac from New York to Kobe (or something like that)

The legendary sc/roll of “On the Road“ which sparked so many people hitchhiking, train hopping, disappearing on ships — opening their mind, exploring new cultures and traditions and sparking so much counter-culture… from beats, pranksters, hippies, punks, to diy independent everything and freethinking anyone, yes that one / ‘Tis lionized in many songs, remixes, movies, chapbooks, fanzines – the thumbprints are everywhere.

And now you can add to the legend by showing up as this (valuable in every sense) artifact is coming to Asia for the first time ever. Specifically, Kobe Japan from April 25 – May 31 at BB Plaza Museum of Art.

Plus, your old pal (me!) is helping kick things off with a special hands-on, hand-made, do-it-ourselves, story-making workshop on April 29. All ages welcome, just bring a curious mind and be ready to use some scissors and glue and instant camera and typewriters and have some laughs and learning. Continue reading Hit the road with Kerouac – from New York to Kobe (or something like that)

Fck Stats, Make Art at SxSW09 flashback

Fck Stats, Make Art at SxSW, March 13, 2009 was a big day for me speaking to a load of my pals and smart/interesting folks at the big crazy con-fab. Where i really dialed in my schtick with the old-timey suitcase fulla treats and “paper point” collages to direct the story.

That night, saw Black Angels rock Psychedelic fest, had a sip of whiskey and a lil puff o something with them afterwards. Met the marvellous queen of Austin Kim Eitze, rode in a magic pedi-cab and rode that good vibe through days of hi-jinks leading to the next few years of rocking so many speakings gigs including TedX, Pecha Kucha x4, Northern Voice, Assoc of Alt Newspapers, and a return to SxSW for “Crowd Sourcing Projects like Tom Sawyer“.

Anyhow, always more to say but came here to share a roundup of the Fck Stats Make Art gig with a buncha snaps, tweets, blogs and whatnot. I have a great hat from David White and a best shirt ever and of course a smoking jacket and pipe cause im not a savage.

Kerouac Comes to Japan / overview of storymaking workshop

Kerouac “On the Road” storymaking workshop

Workshop: “We Are the Stories We Create”
April 29 (Wed.) 14:00 to 16:00 
Venue: BB Plaza Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan
Capacity: 20 people / Free participation (* Exhibition ticket required) / Advance reservation system / First come first served /
Presented in English and Japanese

Handmade workshop! Participants create their stories using typewriters, paper, scissors and glue, and explore various ways to share them. Create one booklet together. We work with original materials such as mimeographs and hand-made books shown by instructor Dave.

4月29日(水) 14:00-16:00 会場:BBプラザ美術館
定員:20名 / 参加無料(*展覧会観覧券の提示要)/ 事前予約制 / 先着順 / 日英対応

神戸市灘区岩屋中町4-2-7 BBプラザ2F TEL 078-802-9286
5月24 日(日)13:00-17:00 (開場 12:30) 
会 場:シマブンホール(BBプラザ4F)
定 員:200名 聴講無料(*展覧会観覧券の提示要)・事前予約制 ・先着順 ・通訳付 
ヒラリー・ハラデイ(ビート研究者、前マサチューセッツ大学ローウェル校アメリカン・スタディーズ・ケルアック・センター所長、What’s Your Road, Man?: Critical Essays on Jack Kerouac’s On the Road 編集者)
マシュー・セアドー(神戸市外国語大学教授、著作 Understanding Jack Kerouac, The Beats: A Literary Reference)
司 会:難波江仁美(神戸市外国語大学教授)