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artifacts and commentary about my TEDx CapU talk “On the Road to Creativity” – includes previews, slides, photos and reactions from the community

On the Road to Creativity: David Olson at TEDxCapU

On the Road to Creativity: David Olson at TEDxCapU

On the Road to Creativity – TEDx Capilano University, 2011 – Roundup


On Saturday, November 5th, 2011, Capilano University hosted a TEDx event with the usual format of invited speakers from diverse fields coming together with curious audiences to share ideas, opinions and knowledge. I was honoured to be one of the speakers and shared my experience traveling and how i learned what i do to build communities around brands, causes or creations.


TEDxCAPU- Dave Olson “On the road to creativity”


More Presentations by Dave Olson


North Shore Outlook: Innovative ideas sparked at TEDx CapU conference

And leave it to HootSuite community marketing director (and closing TEDx Cap U speaker) Dave Olson to log the most tweets during the event. “Need an iPhone charger at #TEDx CapU”, was one such post. The social media guru clearly grasped the TEDx CapU networking strategy, adding to his 4,000-plus followers on Twitter.

Beams and Struts: Find That Thing That Makes You A Little Bit Weird

My favourite thing about getting to work with social media as much as I do is connecting with and getting to know people… towards the top of that list of people is Dave Olson, a story-teller extraordinaire and wise, humourous, and humble human being.

Eastside Media: TEDx Talk with Dave Olson

Dave Olson gets that the best content is actually art and that the best results are quality driven. This video is packed to the gills.


dave olson tedx capu
photo by Kira Oujonkova
photo by Steve Johnson
TEDX capu dave olson
photo by Kira Oujonkova


Received a glass tray for my efforts and gave away my tshirt

tedx capu
@daveoohoots you are right on- own the stage and lead us #tedxcapu #hootsuite #biz” — by Denise A Kelly