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poems of love, confusion, yearning, hope and coming together and drifting apart and the resultant emotions evoked (naturally)

Poem: How Shall We Fill This Vessel? (excerpt for Sheila + Kemp, 10 year)

“How Shall We Fill This Vessel?”

(excerpt of poem – written by me – read at Kemp and Sheila’s wedding vow ceremony)

really unrelated snap, as it goes a tea shack in Sri Lanka

Now, all is deliciously possible
A present to savour
A history to grow
A future to whittle
To any possible shape

How shall we fill this vessel?

Devoid of cynicism and ego,
Jealousy or restraint
With rambunctious affection
In all possible forms
To manifest and articulate
Unabashed tactile Love.

Shall we fill with endless notes
Of spontaneous jazz and
Distant gazes from close range?
Slow dances to quick songs
Languid mornings following
Smouldering nights?

Celebration of the commonplace?
Anticipation of usual happenstance?
Easy banter about nuanced topics?
On verandahs and gazebos a like
Replete with warm drinks
And cool touch?

With fond hellos and
Infrequent goodbyes
As we seek nowhere to go
Desire no escape
In darkness and rain
All yearnings were sent away

Marrow and soul
Now have a purpose, a place
A place to dwell
With you, always
As together we fill
This vessel

– daveo, Pokhara, Nepal 2017
(photo: Sri Lanka, 2018)

Present So Golden #poem

From the heart, spontaneous, albeit poorly typed (typer has a hiccup #excuse)… result is a slice of rhyme-y romantic-ish poetry for my sweetie.


Present So Golden (alt)

Let’s linger at a hidden
Café terrace all afternoon
Sip coffee and share glances
Until we finally see the moon

Order wine we can’t afford
Say hello to friends we don’t know
Walk home slowly in the rain
Takeoff hats in the snow

We have all this lifetime
And perhaps another two
To kiss on street corners
Toss away feeling blue

A slow train to Orion
Hitch hike the Pacific blue
Lose ourselves in impossible alleys
No maps to tell what to do

Indifferent to the future
The past all forgotten
Grateful for each moment
Just enjoy being smitten

Thank you for choosing me a
To be your constant companion
Lost the need for dreams
As the present is so golden

Ease, Desired (Lie to Me) – poetry + pictogram (alt. 2)

Lie to Me, please (typed) v. 2


Somebody, kindly lie to me
Tell me I am “going to be OK”
Soon, life will be like driving down Laurel Canyon in 1973
In a Galaxie 500
Top down, radio up
Nothing but possibilities
That I will rest easy… like so many humans do with ease

Someone, kindly lie to me
Whisper I’ve done enough meditating, stretching, giving, therapies, effort
That soon,  I will sleep (!) and wake up (!) and every muscle, joint and nerve won’t be on fire
Please, kindly lie to me.

I promise to believe you (for now).

Osaka Afternoon (poem)

The scribbler and the talker
Wander through porticos lined with sea creatures
Large enough for an atomic age

The emotions require acknowledgment
Burying not advised
Breathe, and daresay process, the misgivings
Dodge the unfocused anger
Thrown across oceans
And instead land safely in the anonymity
Of giggling uniformed youth
Seeking a sashin and smile
From a stranger

Refuge in instant aloha
Tea and cake again –
Comfort by canal now
Muddied with generations of merchants
Plying gohan, wagyu and crab pots of course
Necessary resources to create the “number one” item
Which boasts of an addition next to a museum
Featuring sonnets to octopus balls
Sticky with sauce
To cling the delicate flakes to its orbit

The scribbler walks purposefully, eager to craft fresh Kansai futures – pushing past into patina

The other remembers rainy bus-stop afternoons, glancing at flightplans and fidgeting about escape

“We are those who take the kind road despite ample sins.”

Do we fake to assuage guilt or simply realize leaving is the exclusive route to exquisite happiness?

No accolades expected in exchange for explanations.

No, only contentment sought and all else ephemeral – vaguely interesting at times but not critical to the heady brew concocted from a recipe devised from, and comprised of: scattered words, un-captured photos, occasional conversations – five times meeting in person even.

No one to tell.

The strange and complicated are our familiar – neural pathways light up in an infrared photo booth: lips glow, ears attenuate, eyes dart and glow, unsaid messages appear in cloud marks, sketched by fiery pilots, determined to make their mark.

Close to Me

Come be close to me
Others will glance
Envy their vice
They know im entranced
Sit next to me and see
All eyes upon us
Wondering how we are famous
Somewhere else
“Such beauty” they’ll say under their breath
Your bare shoulders
Ciao bella, que bonita
Graceful, uncommon
And precisely as expected
As i braid your hair sitting behind
In a clawfoot cast iron bath
Porcelain as white as your feet
Perched at the end
Languid arms, pouty red lips
We are dancers, visions, lovers
Its so obvious, even the Italians agree
Whisper in your ear
As you lean in towards
My mouth, my dear
I kiss your arching neck
Write sonnets for you
Discover constellations
To name for you
Craft a jazz ballad
A wine well-vinted
A Pinot Noir as we are lovers
At night
And in the light
But in the dark stateroom
Ship swaying
An illegal candle bright
Reflects your eyes
So deep, so blue
Translucent as you show entire soul
Except for the secrets you hide
I’ll discover in time
Whenever you are ready
Decadence well-requited
Candle behind the wine glass
Exotic bottles behind the sad barman
He wants to trade lives with
The singer from Napoli
He’s a cliche but brings
Down the house
Kissing hands of ladies
Long since affectioned
A ruse indeed to garner
Fast-tracked seduction from
The supple and impressionable
Who seek swarthy despite the height
We’re a black and white movie
You in pearls
Me in a grey plaid suit