Game 6 Alive for the Playoffs Wrap-up and Thanks

Big thanks to all for coming along for the ride for the live video podcast whether online or in person including regular guests Dan Funboy and Mark the Motivational Speaker plus Winnipeg Karl and all the intermission guests listed below.

Mark the Motivational Speaker and DaveO breaking it down (and inadvertantly flashing gang signs it seems) Photo by Left Antler

Nice to see many amigo y amiga on the (albeit squirrelly) chat channel including GZ Expat, Australian guy, Hot Wheel, Chris Pirillo, RadioBread, Olympia Dave and more …

Big ups to Roland Tanglao (Roland is a Bryght guy and also makes Van Eats) for tending to all the crazy tech stuff.  See also Urban Vancouver and Now Public for updates on live events.

Big thankies to Elastic Path (they make ecommerce software) for the fancy schmancy space for the instant studio

I’ve listed some random topics i remember with pertinent links to increase your knowledge.  Let me know if theres other to mention.

Next time, we’ll aim for a better chat and a WIN for the Canucks!

Canucks Outsider live video podcast
DaveO and Dan Funboy on the Live Show

Roland Flickr set – Richard photos

Kid Line

Edmonton and Toronto both had a “Kid Line”

from Wikipedia “Kid Line” entry:

The Kid Line was a NHL line for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1930’s. It included Charlie ConacherHarvey “Busher” Jackson and Joe Primeau. When they first came together as a line, Primeau was the oldest at 23 years old, while Jackson and Conacher were both 18. All three players are members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

and from the Edmonton Oilers entry …

Adam GravesMartin Gelinas and Joe Murphy, their “Kid Line” (not to be confused with the 1931-32 Leafs’ Harvey “Busher” Jackson“Gentleman Joe” Primeau, and “Big Bomber Charlie” Conacher) won their fifth and, to date, final Stanley Cup

Canucks Family Cookbook

Here’s Radio Bread screenshot of me cheesing out with the 1981 team Cookbook with 2 perogy recipes (Stan Smyl’s Mom’s and Brent Ashton)

Canucks Outsider Cookbook

BC Floorball

Floorballers Stewart the Fossil” and Silly Billy Tucker ( with Dave O in the 1st intermission
Check out Floorball – here’s the When & Where

Richard’s Hockey in Iceland

Ejected Player sitting in stands
from Richard’s Hockey in Iceland (Set)

Elvar Jonsteinsson (ISL)

Born 09.10.78
Height 182 cm / 5′ 11″
Weight 89 kg / 196lbs / 14st 0lbs
Position Left Defender, Left Winger
Shoots left

Bonus: Richard’s (curator of Canucks Nation) shot of the “Beer-y-mid” on CBC’s HNICBeerymid on CBC

CBC Beerymid

Brent Ashton

Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge – Players – Brent Ashton

Brent Ashton played for nine teams during a 14-year career, and was traded an extraordinary nine times

Brent Ashton in Wikipedia

Brent Ashton’s career hockey statistics at

Brent played for the Canucks in the 79-80 and 80-81 seasons – here’s a line:

1980-81 GP 77, G 18, A 11, PIM 57, +/- -10

Brent Ashton

  • Forward
  • Born and lives in Saskatoon
  • Married with 3 children
  • Played 14 years with nine teams in the NHL
  • Scratch Golfer
  • In the sportswear business and studying to be a Financial Planner

And Even More …

Left Antler took some great snaps and brought happy vibe – thanks!

Canucks Outsider Live for the Playoffs
The Fossil and Mark look on the big screen at EP HQ

Finally … Big thanks to my cohort Cosmo of the Clubside Breakfast Time podcast (who was at Podcast hotel) for the quick action on the clip from CBC’sOn the Coast with Priya Ramu


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