Artifacts: Nepal Relief Efforts round-up, Vancouver, 2015

In 2015, Nepal suffered a series of cataclysmic earthquakes, devastating villages… {I suppose it’s worth noting that this was also in the week of some other conundrums and tragedies involving the royal family and cataclysmic change in government and society in general}.

Anyhow, living in Vancouver at a time, and feeling lousy about my then-new-found health situation, I tried to participate in various relief efforts and *at least* document and amplify as best i could.

riffs and musings about Nepal

Since my childhood fascination with the Himalaya mountains and the thought of drinking yak milk tea high altitude, villages, Nepal held a place in my heart. {I also have a dear friend from the country who’s helped me out in multiple times of disarray}.

As it goes, a few years later, I finally made my first visit to the country for an extended Ayurveda treatment and was unbelievably charmed and fascinated by the intrepid and kind nature of the Nepali people.

As such, this post is simply to remind myself, others and history about the grassroots efforts that went on at the time to bring relief.

Postcards: Specifically, I did my own campaign of “Postcards for Nepal” in which anyone who demonstrated some activity to support Nepal relief efforts, would receive one of my handmade postcards. Not a big deal i realize but you do with what you have.

Postcards from Nepal relief

evidence of postcards for Nepal

Campaign posters: And, as is my habit, I documented handbills and flyers for other relief efforts and campaigns and did my best to donate and promote Nepal relief efforts and admired the grassroots and creativity of many of the initiatives. I see you.

another really interesting grassroots initiative to send medical equipment. As I recall, there was also some early instances of 3-D printing put to use during this time

Food: I also worked with then-nearby Gurkha Nepal restaurant who were hosting weekly lunches and dinners at which proceeds went to the relief efforts.

checking in from Gurkha restuarant

Some really nice guys working there (as I understand, they subsequently sold and moved on). Also noting that i chronically misspelled the name of the restaurant.

Raju, Dave and Xe’N’Us at Gurkha
one more tray of food with mango lassi mmm

I also *see you”: Somewhere, there’s a longer riff about my frustration with companies, specifically outdoor equipment/mountain climbing equipment companies who have made a living/fortune supplying climbers going up to the Himalayas and, the climber themselves, who for the most part were very quiet about this issue as it quickly was replaced in the new cycle. Such hubris by climbers who spend untold sums to climb mountains, buy equipment and risk lives of locals (while patting themselves on back saying they are “creating jobs” yet nada when comes time to help (except when later, earthquake at Everest basecamp when no prob rallying helicopters to rescue foreigners /rant).

Maybe if I come across that, I’ll share it here but the reality is, my tiny efforts were well-intentioned but I feel, possibly inadequate.

Peace to all the people of Nepal who were affected and respect to all those who helped.

from Annapurna with affection