Citizen Media and the 2010 Olympics – Video from Northern Voice 2009

From Northern Voice 2009 comes a fast paced and intensive discussion about the role of Social Media in the Olympics . The roster featured Robert Scales, Andy Miah PhD, Kris Krug, myself (Dave Olson) and others from BC IMC and Cultural Olympiad.

Note: Much happened after this video so visit the True North Media House articles to see how it all worked out.

Video Notes:

Bruce Sharpe – who shot, edited and posted the video – sets the up piece thusly,

“Coverage of the Olympic Games is dominated by the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) contracted rights-holder and accredited major media conglomerates. However some feel there is a role for crowdsourced documentation of both sporting events and the cultural context in which it happens.

This expert panel discusses changes, challenges, and opportunities facing grassroots media makers around the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.”

Citizen Media and the 2010 Olympics from Singular Software on Vimeo.

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