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Dave talks at SXSW but a whole other talk than the one in this audio clip but you probably won't notice. Photo by Kris Krug via Flickr
Dave talks at SXSW Photo by Kris Krug via Flickr

Get to know me by enjoying some of my personal faves. And do let me know if there are broken links &/or which are your favourite bits.




Items, Forgotten, 2017-18 – poems combined with stationery letterhead – usually from expired and forgotten hotels, ships and the like – then inky and postal stamps added for amusement and fake context

Requited, 2016-17 – poems of love, confusion, yearning, hope and coming together and drifting apart and the resultant emotions evoked (naturally)

Varley in Vancouver, 2014 –Mixed media, 3-part essay about the Group of Seven’s “bohemian” painter’s 10 years in Vancouver. See also: Uncle Weed’s Dossier featuring articles about transportation, culture, urbanism, history, music festivals etc.

in Vancouver Observer:

  1. The Group of 7 “bohemian” heads west
  2. Following Varley’s Trail from Jericho to Lynn
  3. Influencing and remixing art – join the G7

Rolling to the end of the Line – The Buzzer blog » I Love Transit Week essay: Dave Olson

Hemp Culture in Japan,  1998 – Cannabis Culture #13 (first issue after switching from Cannabis Canada to Cannabis Culture) – Note: At 6000 words, still the longest article they’ve published. Also appeared in Journal of International Hemp Assoc. and a travel-focused version in Heads Magazine called “Zen of Rambling in Japan” and, Hemp Horizons, Hemp for Victory.

Letters from Russia, 2004 – original text and art (plus remixes, interviews etc) from an epistolary literature project with letters ostensibly written by a cobbler in Napoleon’s army marching to Russia – bound with hemp, wood and vellum

Uncle Weed’s Red Rock Adventure, 1988 – an illustrated (by Brandon G. Kiggins) story from 1988 about Uncle Weed monkey-wrenching with some young ‘uns – a mix of Tintin and Edward Abbey perhaps


The Evergreen State College named Top Cannabis Colleges – High Times – Featured in article by Chris Simunek


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