Every Job, Ever (Mostly)

Dave making handmade decorative candle to sell with Bright Idea Company in Surrey BC, circa 1977
Dave making handmade decorative candle to sell with Bright Idea Company in Surrey BC, circa 1976

Surrey (1975~1985)

  • Decorative candle maker and sales assistant (with my Mom)
  • Editor of Pig Express news
  • Columbian newspaper delivery
  • Surrey Leader newspaper delivery
  • Real Estate Weekly newspaper delivery
  • Associate Editor VOM fanzine

Utah Valley (1985 ~ 1988)

  • Pizza Feast – pizza making guy
    Pizza Beast – ibid
  • Supplement factory worker (Provo) – a string of super lame temp worker jobs, this one repacked cheap tea from Taiwan into fancy boxes and sold them as a miracle cure
  • Software packaging assembly line – another temp job packaging word perfect software
  • Phone surveyor for political and commercial interests (a rite of passage for all renegades in the area, worst job ever… but i had my revenge…)
  • Night librarian (Utah Valley Community college) possibly best job ever

Burnaby (1989)

  • Bicycle repairman and assembler (Sharpey’s Burnaby)

SLC (1990)

  • Land surveyor assistant
  • Cinematic newspaper distributor (Cinema in your face)
  • Word perfect class teacher (Univ. of Utah)

On the road (1991~~?)

  • Academic paper writer
  • Grilled cheese maker
  • Parking lot beer seller
  • Psychedelic experience merchant
  • Herbal distributor
  • Car delivery driver

Logan (1992)

  • Bicycle repairman and assembler (Sunrise)

Europa (1992)

  • Rock band roadie (slacker)
  • Grape picker (Rhodt, Germany)
  • Chestnut gatherer and seller (Rhodt, Germany)

Japan (1993-4)

  • Mushroom farmhand (Saji, Tottori Japan)
  • Rice harvester (Nagano)
  • hitchhiking hippie poet/diplomat
  • “Flower stick” juggling stick maker and seller
  • Hemp bag maker and seller

Guam (1994-96)

  • Japanese-speaking Private Beach Club host (Star Sand)
  • Bi-lingual tour narrator on submarine tour boat (SS Neptune) offering tour in Japanese and Korean
  • High School teacher educating about Japanese and english in Guam JFK HS
  • Flower Stick and Hemp bag maker/seller

Olympia (1996-2005)

  • Writer (essays for High Times, Cannabis Culture, Journal of Int Hemp Assoc, Menu etc)
  • Hemp bag designer and marketer (HempenWare)
  • Film producer and marketer (HempenRoad)
  • Maker of websites, Teacher of Internets (Internet Adventures)
  • Marketing and business development guy for Olywa >ATG > Zhonka,

Vancouver (2006-2013)

  • Writer (articles in Heads, and many other outlets)
  • Podcaster
  • New school marketing communications community media maker and community amplifier at:
    • Elastic Path – Mktg Coord
    • Happyfrog – Strategic Advisor
    • Raincity Studios – Community Evangelist
    • Movieset – Director Community
    • HootSuite – Marketing Director > VP Community

NOTE: Loads of public speaking and community project ringleading in this era

Victoria (2013)

  • Poet and scrapbook maker


  • Wandering poet

Project library of poetry, podcasts, arts n' crafts, community sparking, + wandering and wondering elsewhere