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“Though his hair is kind of wild these days and a thick beard covers most of his face, you can’t pigeonhole Dave as a hippie. He’s kind of a Renaissance guy who can speak at length on anything from ecology to music to pro hockey.” Chris Simunek,
High Times 03/2002

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Bios and Blurbs

Poet, podcaster, pundit and chronic documentarian from his earliest days, world-rambling Dave Olson spends his time writing, painting and listening to old vinyl albums on the back porch whilst gazing at mountains and trees. Published in magazines and journals on topics from Hemp Culture in Japan to Telco de-regulation, Dave is most proud of his handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art, and audio hi-jinks. An enthusiast of personal translucency, Dave shares his spiels and writings at and via Twitter @uncleweed.


Dave Olson is a mixed media storymaker and chronic documentarian from his earliest days. Published on topics from Hemp culture in Japan to Telco de-regulation, Dave also makes handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art and renegade documentary podcasts. After covering Olympic games in-person from SLC, and afar for Turin and Beijing, Dave co-founded a ground-breaking project for social media coverage during the Vancouver Olympics called the True North Media House.

“DaveO” graduated in Inter-disciplinary Studies from Evergreen College and works as an community director for a noted social web tool. He frequently presents at events including SXSW and Northern Voice, and appears in the media discussing technology, hockey and culture. Now spends his time telling stories and listening to vinyl on the back porch whille gazing at mountains and trees.


Dave Oliving in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada these days, writes essays, stories and verse and make podcasts about hemp cannabis and miscellaneous hi-jinks – Choogle on with Uncleweed, Vancouver Canucks hockey – Canucks Outsider, and spoken-word literature –Postcards from Gravelly Beach. He also writes stories and essays – often about technology, culture, travel and cannabis. You’ll find Dave’s work published in Cannabis Culture, High Times, Heads and Journal of International Hemp Association, also of note: Dave was a judge at the 2002 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and compiled a photo gallery of the trip.

Dave also made a travel-documentary film called the Hempenroad and appeared in Go with the Flow – a documentary about Olympia, Washington.

All Dave’s writing, photos and painting projects are at Uncle Weed. He also hustles gigs doing writing, marketing and design projects and makes visual art too – snapshots, paintings and static montages of ephemeral objects – some of which you can see at Dave’s Flickr photostream.


Living now North Vancouver, BC, I am particularly keen on literature, art, hockey, hemp cannabis and traveling out n’ about. I am also interested (and/or inspired by) ships, trains, bikes and worn books in stacks and random paper bits which i collect (tickets, transfers, pamphlets) despite my hunch i shouldn’t.

I often go places and make projects and spread the results to interested people as stories, essaysfreeverse poetry and podcasts about counter-culture hi-jinksspoken word literatureCanucks hockey and Cascadian out n’ about trips, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Published essays and articles in Cannabis Culture, Journal of International Hemp Association, Heads, High Times, Menu and a variety of others. Appeared in mainstream media TV (Guam, Japan), radio (Vancouver, Guam, Utah), newspaper (many) on topics including juggling sticks, drug policy, international ramblin’, epistletory literature, cannabis in Japan, Internet activism, entrepreneurial endeavours, technology punditry, and more. Oh yeah, my creative fiction and poetry pops up from time to time.


Community wrangler guy, Dot Com start upper sometimes, hockey culture pundit, renegade dope smoking documenter, poet and poetry enthusiast, counter culture historian, occasional musician and friends of bands. Do’er of Project, Maker of Stories.


Lived/worked in Japan, Guam, Germany, Utah, Rhode Island, Olympia, WA (Evergreen College grad), visited Belize, Palau, Yap, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and a batch more …

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation