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Reading Tolstoy in Manzanita
reading Tolstoy and thinking about “Letters from Russia” in Manzanita, Oregon, 2004

Roundup of all writing projects which achieved some state of completion, publication and sharing. In progress.

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Note: Also dozens of articles and essays regarding social media, start-up business and related topics including “Public Speaking Badass” “Rockstar Training School” & many more.

Varley in Vancouver, 2014 – a 3-part mixed media essay about the Group of 7 painters time in Vancouver and the resultant art culture

Uncle Weed’s Dossier, 2013~ column in Vancouver Observer, includes: transportation, history and music, Remembrance Day, train travel

Let’s Get Lost – Vancouver Counter-Culture Landmarks2010 – a narrative tour of forgotten Vancouver landmarks, locations and stories in Megaphone Magazine

Varley’s Vancouver, 2012 – exploring Group of 7 Painter”s 10 years in Vancouver in Megaphone Magazine,

The First Rule of Longboard Hockey, 2007 – a mixed media report about a renegade group of skateboarding hockey stoners in Heads Magazine

Regabliatti Positive for 2010, 2007 – a cover story about (infamous due to a positive cannabis test) 1998 snowboard gold medalists’ attempt to qualify for  2010 in Heads Magazine

Zen Rambling in Japan, 2006 – a cover story about traveling safely and stoney in Japan (including language primer) in Heads Magazine,

Cops Gone Wild at Evergreen, 2003 – article about overreaching police actions and a liberal arts college in High Times Magazine

Hemp Culture in Japan, 1992-7 – ground-breaking treatise on the history and cultural significance of hemp cannabis in Japan. Published in Cannabis Culture magazine (#13 & Best of …), the Journal of International Hemp Association (V.4 N.1) as well as excerpted in several books including Hemp Horizons and “Hanp” from Norway and “Hemp for Victory” from UK

Practical Guide to Cannabis, 1999-2000 – handbook developed by HempLobby.org for policymakers compiled and partially written by DaveO. Includes recent bills, crop guides and history of hemp. Dave White designed it, Ed Saukooja inspired and underwrote it.

Levelling the Playing Field, 2000-01 – a column for Olympia’s now-defunct Menu arts & entertainment news-azine, specifically:

  • Internet Business and Mayhem
  • The Real Lowdown on MP3 Downloads
  • Activism on the Internet
  • Hockey and the Internet
  • Free the Internet – Open access


Letters from Russia, 2004 – epistolary philosophical discourse about war and love written as letters from a cobbler with Napoleon’s army in Russia, to his fiancé in Paris, written in the form of letters with accompanying illustrations.

Uncle Weed’s Redrock Adventure, 1988– an illustrated “Children’s book” book in which Uncle Weed goes camping and introduces a couple of young ‘uns to natural desert grandeur, eco-sabotage and civil disobedience.

Cheese, Corn and Debauchery, 1987-1992 – a collection of “sudden” short fiction, specifically:  

  • Flashback from a Janitor’s Daze
  • Destined like a Great Idea
  • About Being Stabbed in the Forehead
  • Satan lives in Moab
  • Right (as in Correctly), plus a Re-mixed version
  • I Remember Florida
  • What I thought in Sweetgrass
  • So the Legends Go
  • Eight o’clock A.M. in some tacky, classy hotel
  • Why the Walrus
    +++ Shoebox – a compilation of many of these stories in one convenient chunk

Freeverse Poetry

Requited, Wander Wonder, Circumnavigation of Sorts 2016 –2018 – cycles of freeverse poems written on ships, trains and from hospitals in foreign lands

Stubbed Toe, 1993 – 2004– collection of modern haiku, from Japan to Olympia

4 Haibun for You, 2004 – haiku followed by prose closed with another haiku

Depth Perception1993 – 2005 – collected poetry from various eras, often about oceans

Equilibrium, 1992 – free verse and prose from my wander in Europe


The Evergreen Collection – being various essays and discourse from programs at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 1996-2004:

“Political Problems and Controversies” 2004

  • Should U.S. military evaders be extradited? Yes & No arguments & Critical Comments on political conundrums

“Privacy, Freedom and Security” 2004
Report on Privacy Issues in Workplace Drug Testing 
& Drug Testing issues chart

Plus annotations about:

  • Amitai Etzioni’s Limits of Privacy
  • Supreme Court opinions on Roe v. Wade
  • Patricia Boling’s Privacy and the Politics of Intimate Life
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau’s The Confessions
  • The Right to Privacy (both Kennedy/Alderman & Warren/Brandeis)

“Visions Of Justice” 2004
Observations on Restorative and Rehabilitate Justice from the Thurston County Drug Court program 2003
Annotations about:

  • Aeschylus’ “The Oresteia” Part One and Part Two
  • Criminal Justice In America (essays) Chapter One
  • Julie Salaman’s “Facing the Wind” Part One and Part Two
  • Robert C. Solomon’s “A Passion for Justice” & “What is Justice? (essays)” Notes on the Death Penalty
  • Agamemnon character biography & performance  impressions

“Government and Economy” 2003
Annotations about:

  • * William Greider’s “Secrets of the Temple” (about the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank)
  • Hernando De Soto’s “The Mystery of Capital”
  • Jane Jacobs’ “Systems of Survival”
    + “Dear Congressperson” letters on …
    Internet taxation (failed Federal bill)
    Unsolicited E-mail (aka SPAM)
    City of Oly’s fiber optic project
    Monopolistic telco practices
    DSL pricing tariff changes
    Tommy Chong and ‘Operation Headhunter’
    Cuba travel embargo
  • “Management Strategies for a Global Society” Fall 2002 ~ Winter 03
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money – a play (with regards to Warren Zevon RIP)
  • “We’ll take the one with the sticker” – a play about consumers and labor practices
  • United Nations & Multi-nationals – group essay
  • Backpacks and Brushstrokes  a free-form autobiography
  • Vaclav Havel “Playwright, Dissident, President”

Critique and Commentary about:

  • Fallaci’s “The Rage and the Pride”
  • Friedman’s “Lexus and Olive Tree”
  • Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Badarocco’s “Leading Quietly”
  • LaFeber’s “Jordan and the New Global Capitalism“

University of Utah collection – various essays and projects from coursework 1989 – 1991

Urban Legends with Jan Brunvand

  • Urban Legend Guy project overview
  • ‘The toothbrush thief’ legend

Ballads & Folksongs with Jan Brunvand

  • Skillet Lickers – old-timely folksingers
  • Larry Gorman, the man who makes the songs

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