Healing Story: Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital, Galle (Sri Lanka)

Background: Along my healing journey, I received treatment at Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka, a government-run, pay-what-you-can facility.

Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital
Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Sign

I attended this hospital for Ayurveda treatments for some weeks during Dec. 2017-Jan 2018 and was treated by a kind practitioner called Ruwan. I also met with a wise Doctor who recommended I do a longer in-patient Panchakarma program here, but… some life situations changed and i didn’t do the program. I saw the rooms and talked to the doctors and while it was very spartan and not cozy, the staff seemed to be very intent on their practice.

Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Lobby
Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Lobby

Routine: Mr. Prem dropped me off via his Tuk-tuk (he introduced me to the facility in the first place), i then went to a window to announce myself (to everyone’s great surprise!) and then sat in the waiting area. Mr. Ruwan would come back from lunch, i would strip down to underwear and lay down on a wooden table (covered with a vinyl sheet) in a shared room with folks coming and going for massage with loads and loads of oil(note: i wisely wore the same sarong and linen shirt each day as the treatments were very oily). He identified the pro-lapsed discs in my spine and worked on those areas especially. The treatments were daily (except Sunday) for about an hour.

Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Treatment room
Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Treatment room

I paid them some cash either directly to the practitioner or into a “donation” box in the lobby area. I wanted to ensure i was demonstrating generosity and gratitude, so i wrote them a letter to bridge the language barrier (the Drs were more skilled at English as i did not possess Sinhala language skills) to ensure I was paying an appropriate amount and behaving according to the customs of the facility. The letter is poorly typed but that’s another story.

Letter to Sri Lanka Ayurveda hospital
Letter to Dissanayake Ayurveda Hospital, Galle (Sri Lanka)
screengrab from Google Maps showing street view of the hospital

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