This action was once so easy for me…

I am headed on a tiny trip to see Duane Storey in Chilliwack. I am rolling on the West Coast Express, I like this ride. I brought my official work computer which i had not turned on since i became ill on May 27th.

The tabs remained, the clock had reset to 2001 and many passwords changed. I am slowly returning to the world with computers rather than the one occupied with anxiety and medical appointments.

I am listening to my dear friend Adaline Sings and she thrills me each time. I am proud of myself for putting on my “bog boy pants” and going “somewhere” by myself. This action was once so easy for me. Now takes maximum courage and fortitude.

This hibernated computer holds many flashbacks and projects underway which i was obliged to abandon when on May 27th, i collapsed. Every cell stopped working it seemed.

Of the open documents, there was a bio written for some long forgotten speech pitch, prezo application or something. Here it is for posterity to describe i am only “sort of” now.

“The core of personal expression is the the stories we make and participate in. Indeed, we humans are defined by the stories we tell and the people we tell them to. No matter what form your stories take, they come alive when given interestingness and an audience. Start finding your interestingness and inspiration then in your own neighbourhoods.

Exploring an eclectic variety of Vancouver stories, mixed media story maker, Dave Olson @uncleweed send you on personal quests to discover new heroes, sort out conundrums, collaborate and remix artifacts from our local life.

Dave grew up in Guildford, Whalley, Newton and now lives in Lynn Valley – while he’s spent time in 29 other countries – takes distinct interest in exploring Vancouver for craft ales, chill gardens and curious tales.

You may have caught him sharing at Pecha Kucha, SXSW, TedX or local community club.”

Guess that’s who i was, now to figure out who i am next.


Whatcha think?