Dear Canada, re: Tragically Hip

7-23-16, Victoria, BC

Dear Canada,

Tonight in the far far west, we’ll get the Tragically Hip all warmed up and feeling adored before sending the lads East to bask in your adulation.

Not sure what manner of show we’ll see tonight, not sure how we’ll all deal with cascading emotions and untold memories from the unwritten future, but i suspect plenty of plaid, hockey jerseys and demin-clad folk singing along to each song with enthusiasm realizing this is the… last time to holler aloud. I’ll be rocking suede fringe and possibly a mountie hat and strolling slow. No full tilt boogie from me this time around.

Anyhow, i’ll let you know how the show goes and say hello to Gord for ya.



#courageforgord #tragicallyhip #victoria

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