Kris Krug took a pic of me at Northern Voice 2007

Northern Voice 2007
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Yep, that’s me getting all arts and crafty for my podcast production presentation at northern voice / moose camp. My amigo – the noted Vancouver fashion photographer Kris Krug (aka KK+) kicks down the deluxe photographs of yours truly indeed.

This one of me removing paintbrushes from a sushi roller whilst wearing my sunny day festivus gift scarf coupled with the JCPenny sweater (from The Dalles, Oregon) and used Patagonia organic cotton shirt (thanks Heather in Idaho) make this shot an instant classic ;-). Fashionista i am not, the ‘style’ just flows naturally and no i don’t spend a lot of time on my hair or beard grooming, it just looks that way.

Kruggers is also is a community building advocate a global-minded Vancouver blogger and flickr photo superhero whom i plan to bribe to take a family photo to replace to goofy one on my Pa’s wall.

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