2009 Highlights and Musings – Art and Diligence

A few notable events this year to document ~ i resisted the urge to add photos, links and such cause i have a keg to pick up and swill and hockey games to watch.

[Update: listen to: Festive Greetings to Ice Fishermen – Choogle On #82: Shortly after New Year’s Day, Uncle Weed recounts highlights from the passing year including a surprising visit with bong-toting ice fishermen on a frozen neighborhood lake, plus recaps on concerts, spreading messages to media and youth, voting often, speaking out, supporting soldiers and peaceniks, resisting cynicism, researching the painter Varley, publishing literature, sparking coverage of Olympics, making a board game, gallery visits, riding the new SeaBus, remembering ole dead gramps, drinking stout and earl grey tea, and the joys of treading on thin ice.]

Gather round the fireplace for a chat won't you? Photo by KK

No chronology given and hierarchy implied.

  • Saw The Dead at the Gorge with my fave friends and caught up with old pals Willis Knapp, Brad Crabtree and Larry Harper – the man who encouraged me to write – Missed Marty K.
  • Spoke at SXSW which is a huge music, film and interactive media event in Austin, Texas – amused the folks with F@ck Stats, Make Art and then ate macaroni and cheese with an oracle, and saw the Black Angels with a drink backstage
  • Walked across a frozen lake near my house and ripped a double-bubbler bong hit midway with some youthful ice fishermen – classic Canada we don’t get on the left coast
  • Published some art and writings in literary magazines including Rain Zine with a Letters from Russia feature and forthcoming “Flying High” board game/art timeline
  • Got 15 year old boy (Austin) transitioned into school full time in Canada + premier league baseball + Argyle basketball
  • Quoted widely in newspaper and TV, Radio about tech, movies, sports, Olympics, literature including numerous times on CBC + 24 hours, Vancouver Sun, CTV, L’express Pacificque…
  • Recorded a bunch of podcasts including epic 9-part Rainforest Dispatches documentary series & Remembrance day special with Ian Bell + started some “remix’d” series of the leftover bits
  • Spoke at Northern Voice 3X (to great reviews, esp. Rock N Roll Photo w/ Bev Davies and Kris Krug) + took the Old-Timey Suitcase to WordCamp Whistler, Island Tech, Purple Thistle Youngunz, W2 Bladerunners, What’s Going on Salon – made a few podcast in process + covered TedX Vancouver as a guest
  • Mailed package to soldiers in Afghanistan and spread stories of peaceniks like Rachel Corrie and Lee Matasi – all humans need treats and stories
  • Voted whenever i could, spoke out when i needed to on public policy conundrums and never left my opinion out of the conversation when needed
  • Camped a few times including kayaking up Sunshine coast with wisemen & Owl Creek in a “chill’cuzzi” with funguys
  • Invited along on the inaugural voyage of the SeaBus after long conniving – Started a column for Vancouver Observer to celebrate and freshen my soapbox – PS Wrote “Rolling to the End of the Line” for the Buzzer
  • Pushed along and inspired a movement for social reporting from the Vancouver/Whistler Olympic Winter Games in 2010 with significant learning and notable frustration
  • Hiked another stretch of Baden Powell trail from Historic Mushroom (not really a mushroom) to Deep Cove on Canada Day including picnic looking at Indian Arm
  • Rocked Halloween with a shaved head as hero Hunter S. Thompson at Police Museum/Cty Morgue on a stainless steel autopsy table
  • Cold ramen at Kintaro after fireworks
  • Saw David Byrne – a true inter-disciplinary artist and thinker + cyclist
  • Saw Luke Doucet at Richard’s before it’s demise – he’s the real deal
  • Saw Geoff Berner at Biltmore – accordionist is too cool for words
  • Acupuncture dozens of time by a master (and friend) Dr. Ying
  • Met #12 Stan Smyl – a childhood hero, career Canuck and hockey grinder in the best sense of the word
  • Smiled each time i rolled by on the side of a bus as part of a Canucks fanzone campaign + saw game from a box
  • Wrestled bears, raccoons, and cougars (well not exactly… but chased them from my house/yard) – told story repeated while at my birthday party with so many kind friends
  • Started a big project about Ole Dead Gramps with Mike B. – Preview: audio collage spanning decades
  • Stayed employed at the same job for one year surpassing my average – is this is a success?
  • Finished a painting from Europa 2005 – gave to Mom for festive gift
  • Researched Fredrick Varley, Group of 7 artist who created art scene in Vancouver and wandered Lynn Valley, just like me

My thoughts go to a few pals i lost to physical demise this year – Ian “The Fonz” Christiancy and Dick “Danger” Young – thank you for your sincere contributions to my life.

In all, I feel like i under-achieved this year but in retrospect, t’was a year of re-jigging priorities and switching the big picture of where i’m bound. In 2010, i’m manifesting an economic situation which is mostly writing, speaking and thinking and working on topics I enjoy with lmited intervention – allowing leisure time for creating projects. I enjoy talking to a recorder and/or audience and also like a regular pay cheque will frequent perks and bonus in a supportive, collaborative environment. If all goes to “plan,” publishing and selling my artifacts becomes substantial income stream and offers occasional pacific rim and European travel (particularly to Scandanavia). I also want to reconnect in a meaningful (read: not Facebook) manner with some old influences and friends from other incarnations of me.

This is all.

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  1. You are most awesome, Dave. Congratulations on a great year & wishing you great success in 2010. Your “To Russia with Love” talk at NV was fantastic – you’re a great speaker.

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