About Hugs and Grateful Dead tour tips

I hug everyone.
Even in business settings. I’m uncontrollable and I give credit to Grateful Dead tour which taught me (more than) three things:

one, how to deal with cops when I’m high/buzzed etc

two, not to judge anyone before I got to know them

three, how to give great hugs.

All of these have given me great power & happiness – and occasional embarrassment or (helped escape from) incarceration – over the years.

ref: Dave Olson 5 June 2014


Erica Hargreave I’m a hugger too! Great way to be!

Trevor Smith You were the guy on lot with the “Free Hugs” sign weren’t ya?

Pat McPhillips I need to see you again Dave, how will that ever happen? Once on a train is not enough

Lydia Woudenberg I’m still going for 2, when will we meet?

Colleen McKay You give the best hugs tho!

Mariska Richters You’re one of the bestest huggers I know!

Crystal Gilmour I hug strangers too! Wish I could give you a big hug and share a great beer with you!

Lydia Fiedler You’re an awesome hugger

Ruby Fremon Hugs rule

Dane Christensen That’s the kind of status update that makes Facebook worthwhile

Dave Olson I need mega-hugs right now

Stephani Huey Young *cyber-hug*

Lydia Woudenberg when we will meet I will check 3

Ruby Fremon Sending HUGE, CUDDLY VIRTUAL HUGS to you right now!

Suzy Tonini Mega hugs coming from the former Smellingham!

Dave Olson So much #gratitude keep them coming

Duane Storey Dave Olson You’d fit right in in South America.. Usually the first 10 minutes in a meeting in Argentina is spent kissing everyone on the cheek, as is the last 10 minutes.

Tim Baur hugs friend

Crystal Jiang I miss you hugs, DaveO

Meredith Kaly Haha um I’m a hugger but I ask permission now. The kissing goes for Haiti as well.


Danielle Hatfield I’m a hugger too Dave. As I have had to explain to a quite a few perplexed people over the years – I’ll take a hug over a handshake any day. ((Virtual Hug))

Mitch Baldwin Sending you a huge virtual hug Dave

Jason Sanders *Hugs*

Cathy Browne Hugs from one serial hugger to another

Abigail Maria Fernandes Miss hugging you every day!

Whatcha think?