Diary: Baby check-in and Picnic time

Great check-in at birthing clinic this morning – 3 months out and all going great / came home to make plan for my life archive arriving tomorrow – oh my so much goodness.

Washed dishes, made rice & mugi-cha (tea), and while Ryoko is resting, making her best bacon, egg, cheese sandie ever with salad, apple & orange slices & a lil choco cookie.

Sandos ready to go!

On the tray, lets sit outside!

Set up under the Ume (plum) tree at Tsuchida cottage

Here she comes with rabbit, Maru-chan

Yum done with a few blossoms falling for ambience

bird in an early-blooming sakura tree as we do “hanami” which means “sitting under a tree eating while looking at the tree and stuff” (sorta)

Whatcha think?