Diary: Stop Making Sense / Talking Heads and Tacos

from my side of couch

Taco night in Japan with 1984 Talking Heads classic concert film Stop Making Sense. As the box says “let’s taco!” Aye we shall taco.

Note: even found my favorite hot sauce, Marie Sharp’s from Belize.

Yup that is a cheap and cheerful projector in a tripod and a screen hanging from twine… “Aint got no TV, ain’t got no big screen, this is chill on your eyes.”

I shared anecdotes about Talking Heads, seeing DB and Tom Tom Club in various instances and segued into other important Dave/ids of history and then a search for the other DB (Bowie)’s Serious Moonlight concert filmed Vancouver 1983.##

To folks in North America this food items are “whatever who cares” but to folks in Japan, these are rare strange exotic treats :).

Also: all the prime minsters in Japan’s history are on that cup! (need a bigger cup)

from Ryoko’s side of couch


Ryoko’s report on the evening (with funny machine translation):

昨日はお打ち合わせにエブリイ津高店さんへ^^ 帰りの買い物で、Daveがずっと食べたがっていたタコスを発見サルサソースはあっても、タコシェルやチップスがなかったり(´ー`) しかもこのお値段他にも面白いもの沢山あったので、色々買って帰りました♪ 夜はDaveオススメのライブ、デヴィッドバーンとタコスで脳心体に刺激たっぷり^^カッコ良すぎる。あぁライブに行きたい。ちょっとサザンオールスターズを感じました。胎教の為にも?色々なジャンルのライブを観たいと思います^^ で、今日は塩分控えめですね。。

Yesterday I went to the of store for a meeting ^^ On my way home, Dave found the tacos he wanted to eat for a long time salsa sauce doesn’t have any octopus shells or chips (‘ ー`) And this price there were many other interesting things, so I bought a lot of things and went home ♪ Dave recommended live at night, David Byrne and tacos with a brain heart stimulation ^^ too cool. Oh, I want to go live. I felt a little southern stars. Even for taegyo? I would like to watch a variety of genres live ^^ So, today is salt and modest..  

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