Diary: (Yet another) Food round-up from Tsuchida Cottage

Let’s begin with the “standard” Japanese classic dinner with grilled whole fish, picked something (kimchi and pickled onions), miso soup, brown rice and a salad – dressing and shoyu on the side.

Well ya gotta eat, and we do and mostly at home. For the permanent diary of endless goodness, i snap a snap from time to time before we dine. That’s all there is to it. Dig it if you wanna. 

We have a counter-top convex oven here at Tsuchida cottage now and aside for well-documented visits to ramen shops and coffee/cake stops, we eat at home.

Soba noodles
Another Japanese classic: soba (buckwheat) noodles, served cold with a raw egg and mentsuyu (fish-flavoured broth), shredded daikon (radish) and shoyu mixed together and the noodles dipped within and green onions sprinkled

 No doubt lots of folks the world over are getting re-acquainted with their kitchens while experienced cooks share tips and try new things. Indeed, so much sourdough going on in the world!

As such, here’s round-up without much in the way of annotations or context of some recent meals i happened to snap a snap of before digging in.

A variety dinner with sashimi (sawara a kind of mackerel), gaumodoki no takiawase (tofu fritters, daikon, komatsuna soup with fish-broth, salt, sugar, shoyu) and and of course, miso soup and genmai (brown rice), kimchi and shoyu/wasabi of course
A lunch of harusame spring vegetable soup with clear bean noodle with various onigiri rice balls

we got a shelf-sized convection oven – its great and Ryoko started making breads using rice and wheat flour, and sometimes yeast she made herself (hello from me in the reflection)
a couple of loaves of bread with rice and wheat flour / pictured with a can of Russian canned coffee and an orange on our counter top
Coffee time with Ryoko’s cookies with raisins and computers
Bread plate with fruit, butter, peanut butter and homemade marmalade
Breakfast with fried eggs, with salad and salami and a fruit parfait bowl and of course coffee
Another breakfast with scrambled eggs, homemade toasted bread and cookie, apple, and coffee (and a cheese piece)
Yup, bread, marmalade, coffee, fruit bowl with yogurt
Sourced: 1 litre of Canadian-made maple syrup!
A dinner of stepped-up hamburger steak with a sorta demiglasse, bamboo shoots on the side plus of course, miso and genmei and salad
detail of the sauced-up hamburger steak with asparagus
detail of bamboo shoots from backyard / so fresh!
Karage friend chicken (crispy and juicy) with salad and of course, miso and genmei (and barley tea)
Miso ramen, with egg, pork and all the usual
don’t @ me with a stop at a cafe for the preggo wife to rock down a bowl of shiyo (salt) ramen
A ort of pasta carbonara with amazing bacon and cream sauce and a mighty salad and apple juice (Marie Sharp’s hot sauce on stand-by)
a full-on Masala curry with scrambled eggs and more more more
End as we begin with a classic line-up of grilled fish, genmei, miso, 2 kinds of pickles and this time, steamed broccoli and potatoes.

Whatcha think?