Diary: “just keep breathing” and beat the blahs… disintermediated blurbs + snaps

Nov. 1: Oh, I just remembered I have to change all the calendars / well my day is suddenly packed.

Meanwhile, my darling wife is outside running a woodchipper – filling up bins made from pallets – processing all the branches etc she collects at her job sites, making into chips which will then go over cardboard then goat poop compost to reclaim land into garden #keitruck

Time for oxygen mask and watch the rest of this hockey game I have on pause.

Couple baskets of laundry folded and put away, one load in the dishwasher to unload/reload after a break. Completely wiped out :(

Nov. 2: Kind of not up for getting out of bed today but, dishes need washed, some laundry needs taken outside to hang… which means I’m gonna have to put on clothes and – since I have clothes on, well, who knows what will happen. The future is truly unwritten.

Nov 4:

Ryoko and Ichiro are at a “Jazz Street” event and just sent me this picture and somehow, since this morning, he’s grown 10 years… somehow a whole other boy than yesterday. And yes, he’s flying the flannel.

{I’ve stayed home to rest, huff oxygen and eat leftover french toast}

I was going to catch up on some postcards or blog diaries or finish some videos or play ukulele but I’ve done none of it. Just in bed, got some nutrition into me but exhausted myself just eating. All my nerves are tingling and dizzy every time I stand up. NBD used to it by now.

Nov. 5: Today, by post. (No letter included)

Nov. 6:

New week, new “prompt” and/or reminder or whatever.

I’m not bouncing up but also not giving up. Always adjusting.

BTW “basics” means: laundry, dishes, tea, rice, bath with Ichiro and maybe Postcards.

Of course: medicines, supplements, oxygen, meditation.

Nov. 6: My dilemma: how do I use oxygen mask, drink coffee, keep ice pack in position, and use dictation on phone at the same time? Can only do two out of the four at once :-)

Ah Indeed! Cup empty, mask on, short messages, solved

Just my usual date/time stamp photo to remember when I go to seitai / didn’t plan to go today as Mondays are busy with grocery delivery and garbage out etc. but my goodness, really effing struggling

Flowers at Drs office last week / my favourites! I hope yours too

Digression, re: transportation:

Yeah all these “big moonshot ideas” that get proposed for public transit like the ridiculous hyper loop and high speed rail across long distances and everything needs to be underground are just expensive and not really realistic… It’s like letting “perfect get in the way of good”.

You look at this 50 year old technology, efficient, reliable, relatively cheap to build and importantly for us… Fun to ride

Around my city in Okayama as well as most of the “minor provincial cities” like Hiroshima and Nagasaki even have classic tram/trolley/street cars with simple tracks running in what would be the middle median of the street, with basically the same technologies that bumper cars use. It’s really cool to see World War II era carriages and brand new fancy looking carriages riding on the same tracks, you never quite know which one you’re going to get each time you’re waiting for it.

In the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they were up and running within a week after the bombing because well, you just need to iron tracks and an overhead wire.

I really like this style as well as when exploring a new city, you can just hop off when the neighborhood looks interesting where when you’re on an underground subway, you can’t. Plus, for folks like me who lots of stairs is a real hassle and, subways are always right for crime or just general stinkiness or delinquency, something like this just makes so much sense. It’s not about being fast it’s about being safe, comfortable and enjoyable (and cheap!)

Nov. 11: Woodstove supper

Nov. 12: Morning with French press coffee and #Canucks vs #Leafs hockey – wearing pajamas and red velvet robe, dishwasher gently whirring, darlings off to home center then big band Jazz, a box of frozen meat just delivered.

High-quality Sunday morning in Japan.

How about you?

Re: Hockey. Anyone else get Artem Chubarov flashbacks from watching Pius Suter for Canucks?

Also: really excited to see Teodors Bluegers into the lineup. Any hockey team with a Latvian is automagically better, it’s proven truth. Super excited to see this guy in the lineup. Definitely most exciting off-season pick up for the team. Versatile and creative player

Meanwhile: And plan is to rock some more dishes, put on some loungewear and watch Montreal versus Boston and Edmonton versus Seattle as well.

Note to self: put ham in the oven, consider second pot of coffee. Take a break to huff oxygen machine.

Aside: We kind of specialize in cute mugs here at the Tsuchida Cottage. For a family of 3 we have several shelves dedicated to cups, mugs, glasses etc. specialized for each mood and purpose :-)

Update: oatmeal (with nuts, bee pollen and yogurt)

Update: next coffee is Hawaii Lion Coffee pour over / very important for a significant third period of #Canucks hockey


3 (parts of) hockey games watched
2 baskets of laundry folded (not put away)
1 new laundry started
1 bathtub washed
2 dishwasher loads
1 ham in the oven
Fresh tea and rice
Oxygen huffed, medications swallowed
Darlings due home shortly

I think more done today than the last 2+ months inclusive. Finally starting to feel a bit “human” for the first time since the popular virus of note hit hard in early September, coupled with my usual chronic and complex viral overload. Still going slow but out of bed at least.

I’ve dealt with the #MECFS for a long time now but these last two months just about took me over the edge and really discouraging so happy to be on the upswing.

Nov. 13: The little dude said some sweet words to me on the way out the door to school. Mama is definitely number one but Papa is always trying to stay in the mix :-) sometimes too hard so I take what I can get

Keep my eye on reminder “Back to Basics” Note: glimpses of snapshots & papa bento tag

Close-up for collectors

Papa Bento <3

Preview: more snaps of food and fires including the “sweet potato excursion” and more Teodos Bluegers for the Canucks