Kitchen: Kaki (persimmon) vinegar (filtering & bottling)

Kaki Vinegar, Bottled-up (catching up from April 21, 2021)

Kaki (persimmons) are all around us here in Okayama so we end up with bushels > I’m finding every which way to use: from jam to dried to pickled/lacto-fermented and specifically today, vinegar.

While getting the kitchen ready for construction, so… figured should bottle the batch started last year. 

Started by stashing a bunch of chopped up, unwashed persimmons in a big glass jar with “the mother” from some apple cider vinegar – weighed down with rocks to keep submerged – last year in November (as seen on label above).

Then tied on a piece of cheese cloth for natural airflow and stashed in an ambient-temp dark place.

So first, strained and drained and squeezed > funnelled into bottles.

Leftover fruit into compost (much to the delight of the creatures).

The “mother” is now a huge gelatinous mass which will start future batches.

Initial taste is very pleasant > will start with some salad dressings or use for a tonic and…

But first labels: i usually use much cuter Japanese stationery tape but this time was in a pinch 😉 basic masking tape in re-used vinegar bottles.

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