Kitchen: Snapper (tai) and/or Wagyu (beef)

Ryoko and a Tai fish (snapper) as gift from Uehara-san / they raise rabbits and veggies / so kind!

+ Dinner choices (& results) at Tsuchida Cottage with Snapper (Tai) or Wagyu (beef) +

Amongst all the goodness in our lives with the wonderful baby, we’ve received some treats. Some are part of Japan’s “summer gift” tradition, others specifically for the baby (so many to document, will get to them eventually) and some because folks are nice and adore Ryoko. 

In this case, we received a box of luxurious premium wagyu beef and a whole tai (snapper) fish / the combo of the 2 provided several fantastic meals as you might expect. 

Because i am grateful and obsessive, i present documentation. 

Dave amazed that a box of remarkable wagyu (so expensive in other countries) beef just “showed up” by courier at the house / from Yusasa-san! thanks
1/ cooked the beef with parents yakiniku (fried meat) style on a table top grill with various garden vegs and dipping sauces and salts

2/ look at that marbling! the cows are massaged and fed beer and treats quite well
3/ barely need to cook it/ certainly just a tiny bit of heat to warm it up and melts in your mouth
4/ mixed grill of various wagyu beef cuts and veggies / will take these tiny but perfect morsels over a big ole steak most any time
made “chirashi” sushi / meaning sashimi variety and garnishes (shredded daikon, shisho, wasasbi, green onions) on a bowl of vinegar rice / my “desert island dish” if i had to choose / served with shoyu and tea (of course)
same tai, different plating and style. simple clean perfection

Thanks to friends for the treats. 

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