Diary: sewing things for Ichiro + tie-dyes and pee-caps

Diary: Sewing Things for Ichiro / assortment – card, hat, bib, tie-dye and “pee cap”

{Catching up with…} Scant days before our adorable baby came into the world, my remarkable wife fired up her mom’s sewing machine and decided to start with making so many thing… Then we busied ourselves with a few photo collages combining these handmade items with custom tie-dye shirts received from brother/uncle Dan and card from Kim, Brad, Ben, April (among other delights to be documented later). 

Started with cloth diapers (not pictured) / easy right? So Then moved on to these incredibly handy “pee caps” (meaning little cloth “cones” to put over his willie when changing diapers…

– as it turns out, lil fellas in general often use the sweet freedom of a diaper change to let loose with their venting)…

Then made a completely cute soft cotton hat with “io” initials (which i want to make into a rubber stamp as well).

Then came bibs! oh the bibs! using Aloha print cloth i’ve had in my stash since 1996 or so, these hav a velcro tab for easy (and safe) on and off and style points to spare.

I liked the bib so much, i requested one for myself and frankly, i’m shocked how i me (and my brothers that matter) have survived a life without. (There is another “stretchy” bib holder with clips making any washcloth into a bib too.)

Then in the inevitable soft toys, in this case a rabbit like we our pet Maru-chan, holding a carrot for detail. 

Though not intended use, i found the pee caps made featching chapeaus for the critters… 

Noting that after completing these rather small handy projects, Ryoko moved on to a very large and complicated project making a padded cloth bassinet/basket with handles and a removable inner pad which itself has a removable cover. Required decommission as a wooden cushion for the padding and well, now that the little fella is here, was worth all the effort as he enjoys hanging out in his “boat”. 

Diary: Sewing Things for Ichiro / assortment 2 – card, hat, bib, tie-dye and “pee cap”

Oh! Realizing there are also a few other things i didn’t “cover” so maybe we’ll get a “part 2” out at some point. Maybe. 

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