Diary: sundry notes of ukulele, drums, stereo, handy items by post & slices of culture

Sundry tasks:

get in number

Tended to an “important call with an official agency” about a significant life decision… Don’t mean to be vague, just floating it out to the universe, next step is visiting a consulate in Osaka, September 8.

(I really don’t like dealing with things by telephone, much prefer a written record – whether analog or electronic – and feel express myself much better when I have the time to choose words.)

So, just gonna play some baritone ukulele for a while.

Working on:
Atlantic City
Illegal Smile

Pretty good at:
Monkey and the Engineer

In other news:

a box of frozen meat was delivered yesterday

also several more Nick Bantock books and a replica of Indiana Jones’s Journal showed up

stack of mysterious dispatches

wife’s industrial grade water pump also arrived

Oh, and tomorrow is “go clean the graves of the ancestors day“ / We’ll bring incense and flowers. [update: done x2]

More Items, arrived by post: various seeds, porridge, legumes and nuts.

many seeds, nuts, legumes and so on (also box of meat, not pictured)

These simple tasks of convenience thrill me and are a huge help for those who are mostly house-hermits (#MECFS) this is all, carry on with the world melting down etc

After grave tidy (incense, water, candles, flowers, prayers) Tidied up carport then hung out with Ichiro, playing with inky stamps & stationery, listening to groovy records in the slowly improving (warm!) first floor of the kura barn studio.

Its all possible, Ichiro making stamp art in a “Norman Rockwell-esque” pose (as a kind correspondent observed)

Disco theme from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Yes you have come to the right place. Evidence follows:

Take a spin around the first floor studio space which is made for: listening to music; hanging out and making art; eventual more craft making (paper and kintsugi); plus emergency/camping supplies, tea ceremony supplies and impending musical jam space

Other Cultural Oddities

The *other* Ichiro will be enshrined in Seattle later this month, here’s his first MLB hit:

Found a Tama “cocktail” drum kit in Japan w/o cymbals or throne, great shape, about ¥50,000 ($450 USD) + shipping via (the fantastically named “Hardoff“. Kinda/ really want it but we already have 2 drum kits here but… this is so perfect :)

the kits is like this one but *this one* actually belongs to Stewart Copeland so it’s not actually this one, but similar. Cymbals not included, fine.

Piano tuner/cleaner is on site.

Great news, turns out the piano tuner is also a hi-fi geek… Took him out to the kura barn & he did a few small tweaks to my Yamaha record player / amp combination and instantly upgraded the whole set-up. And then he saw my Grateful Dead records and his mind was blown!

We dropped needle on John Coltrane and then switched to Jerry Garcia Band live 1991 remastered box se & drank barley tea >> he wanted to rearrange my speakers but I had to pause. We also discussed festival express & tracks on tracks.

For reference, the record player is a Yamaha GT 2000 record player, on a cast iron exoskeleton, approximately 55 kg, made around 1982, the amp is also Yamaha made around the same time. Very heavy as well. There is a TEAC CD/cassette/USB/various input deck on the stack as well.

The biggest change was moving the input to “Phono 3/MC” (which is appropriate for the cartridge) + adjusted grounding, tuned few other settings and then, magically repositioned the record player arm, huge difference.

Yeah, I feel “not smart“ but I’m just not clever that way.

Oh my goodness, in the 120+ old wooden building with the peaked ceiling, sounds so warm, comfortable and nuanced.

Next up is stepping up my audio recording gear for doing some spoken word projects, eventually music recording on the first floor I think #dreams

… Akira Kurosawa made a film called Dreams. For relaxing times (where they begin anyhow, in 1979) with Francis Ford Coppola. #lostintrsanslation

Just add Toshiro Mifune to the mix (well and some Italian pigeons) and all is perfect.

Carry on, dear pals (Pokhara, Nepal)

Whatcha think?