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Diary: 5th anniversary – w/ goats and ramen #dro420

It’s 4/20 so means 1 – well 2 – things:

It’s our 5 year wedding anniversary!

We’ve returned to scene of the fun // Rural Caprine goat farm for sandwiches and goat milk lattes.

Still amazed how lucky I am to catch the remarkable, multi-disciplinary, courageous, sweet & strong Ryoko Olson <3

Further Evidence (from Mac’s goat ranch):

The boss Mac Kobayashi (my pal for 32 yrs)

The dude Ichiro (turning his soft cream cone into a trumpet)

The panino (all handrafted from foccacia to pork roast)

The window (looking to the future)

Today’s listening:

  • John Prine
  • Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • Wilco

Oh hi goat mamas

Next Checkpoints:

Buy tickets for next weekend’s tea ceremony at Korakuen and then… Dentist! (maybe frozen mouth ramen afterwards)

Extraneous & Unnecessary:

Dentist doing serious biz on Sat. afternoon. Packed waiting room / super efficient tidy designy operation

Dentist: satoshika-senoo.com

{also no stooopid teevees in the chairs}

[regardless, not loving being here #blues]

Necessary Documentation:

I’ve heard rumors that Ramen only counts if there’s a photo of the bowl – strangely, post dentist frozen mouth Ramen has become a routine for me, 3 times in the last fortnight.

PS we purchased a vintage chaise lounge, or is a fainting couch, or divan? What’s the difference?

Since I’m here:

Usual shot of the haiku postbox (I like to track the de-evolution across years)

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