Dim Sum: Ambient Sortganizing in the kura barn studio #video

It’s just me tidying up, please keep expectations in check

Absolutely Nothing of interest, just tidying up – like Japan’s version of Marie Kondo – in the “Giggling Piglet Studio and Consulate” in a re-purposed storehouse barn in provincial Japan.

Music incidentally plays in the background by “John K Samson / The Weakerthans” something something ++ “Back Country New Road” album “Ants from up Here”.

Really nothing, except for a Nepali Topi hat and moving scissors and papers I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Dim Sum: Ambient Sortganizing in the kura barn studio #video”

    1. Thanks for coming to hang out… It’s really a place of refuge for me and after a busy stretch of “life administration“ tasks, various construction projects, and of course the adorable kiddo, it’s nice to come out here and just sortganize with records on

    2. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I made another one today working on scrapbooks from postcards. Bob Ross vibes. Plus usual dodgy video and audio but one of these days I’ll figure out a “just right” set up (I tried *researching* but found it very unpleasant)

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