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Happy 40th to Ryoko, Queen of Tsuchida & our hearts

Happy birthday to my darling Ryoko

Not only did you change my life for the better, but you impact so many lives through your love of tea, singing & music, gardening & forestry, and a dozen more passions.

You always remember to bring flowers, spend some extra time to talk to elders & give sweetness wherever it’s needed – and have cakes or a chainsaw, or both, ready for action.

Incredibly patient, strong, kind, sweet and stunningly beautiful – whether you are elegantly rolling in a vintage kimono, rocking a black cocktail dress with Fluevog shoes, or covered in mud with your work clothes, you make my heart flutter.

The goodness you give out will be magnified and rewarded so much in the year ahead.

You are admired by so many people who often whisper to me about some unexpected kindness you showed them or some remarkable action which surprised them.

I’m always by your side, my pleasure to support you as best I can and always always always cheering for you.

(PS I will always try to find your keys, charge your phone, fold the laundry, and bring in the milk)

XO from the two boys who are always trying to get your attention ;)

PS Ichiro wrote this entire message

28/4/2024 (Reiwa 6)

Back of the card, for you collectors #nft

Family times (with previous artwork made into a postcard, of course :))

And… We got cake from the magic “cake box”


Cake is ordered from a fancy bakery who deliver the cake to the most wonderful invention: a “cake box” // refrigerated lockers out front nearby grocery store.

Bakery send a code to unlock and voila, there’s her perfect cake.

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