Father’s Day variety pack (my first!) + Lorne, Takushi and Trevor

Sidekicks forever. #io First Father’s Day! (photo by Ryoko a few months ago in Kojima)

Nothing to see here, carry-on. Not similar at all.
Happy Father’s Day to my remarkable shogi-loving, often-laughing, strong & smart & sweet father-in-law Takushi Fujita.

“Invest in youth – our nation’s greatest asset”
Artifacts from the life of my father Lorne Harold Olson, Ed.D / Realtor / sports fan

Pal Trevor says, “Still got the shirt Dave. Perfect for Father’s Day dinner”

To which i reply, “Yeah that shirt will outlive us both buddy. By the way, on my list of blog posts and draft, here’s a little photo essay of where and how I got that shirt in Nepal so I might get that one finished up in the next few years #StayTuned”


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