REM recording in Vancouver

REM Begins Recording in Vancouver

from R.E.M.hq via Heading to Vancouver

I have many things to mention about this …:

1) Story about meeting REM (fairgrounds SLC, UT circa 1985/6, Guadacanal Diary opening) – Buck and Mills were real friendly to a young sprout like me

2) Story about meeting EKap and explaining about REM’s album Fables of the Reconstruction before i realized he was tight with the band

3) Story about telling EKap i saw REM 6 times before Green tour (in 4 time zones to boot) most of which before he was out of elementary school (grizzled am i)

4) Discourse on the transitions of Vancouver as a recording hotspot for various genres (cheesepop, punk, metal, and most recently REM and Police)

5) Commentary about REM’s role in music these days (no Bill Berry, why do they still work so hard?, what is their legacy? (and i don’t mean all the hall of fame sh!t) are they really more important that U2? as i always argued with Corey Demille about in 10th grade)

6) Ponder what happened to my sweet 4-colour-bleed tour book about pondering perpetual motion from (which?) tour (no doubt lost with so much other misc rcok stuff)

7) Reminise about first buying “Murmur” at a record store in Bellingham and rewinding Radio Free Europe a dozen times before moving on to the next tracks (on cassette)

8) Happy memories on “Perfect Circle” as a stealth song for smoothing the ladies (before released much later and some lame band hi-jacked the name making things confusing)

9) Stories of Peter Buck’s other bands and projects i caught or listened to + his wife’s ownership of the Croc Cafe in Seattle (scene of much fun)

10) Recalling buying Dead Letter Office (along with Stewart Copeland’s Rumblefish Soundtrack) on vinyl in Toronto and flying them home with some damage to SLC (Still my fave REM album though Reckoning and Fables are perenial faves too)

11) Rambling about the disconnect i felt with the band when they chezed out with the Shiny Happy Radio Song pablum (but i’m mostly over it now) – shoot not even sure what happened on their last few albums … anyone wanna lend me a copy?

But since i am toiling away, i will just say the REM are recording somewhere in Vancouver – nothing more. 

(photo above uncredited – assumed to be Kaplan’s like this one)

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4 thoughts on “REM recording in Vancouver”

  1. I still have the book Bob made in Sid’s Unified Studies class – the cover says “Bobo Gunther and Momemchance Go on a Quest” or something while inside is a list of Top 69 things. Will have to do a dramatic podcast reading soon!

  2. Ahoy Mr. Demille!

    Those slacking scientists – You’d think they could figure out perpetual motion by now! Take away their grants i say! Also still not sure who’s impact was more significant between the the lads from Dublin or boys from Athens.

    Decades pass as knowledge decreases somehow exponentially.

    You remain the only prom king, military covert specialist, folk-roots singer i know tending bar in Vega$. I’ll roll in for a pint of the dark if i stumble through … In the meantime, i’ll download your songs and hear what you have to say to the people.



  3. Hey Dave.

    How random to find you musing about R.E.M. , pondering perpetual motion, and our conversations about U2 in the 1980’s!

    Hope you are well. Glad you are still listening to the good stuff!



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