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go where the internet is still meaningful
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Rundown: Various publishing channels, social presences, archived websites, and places, along with various bonus projects. Give a follow, like, subscribe, look and/or whathaveyou.

Social Pub Channels

Twitter / FB / Ig:

  • DaveO Story Facebook Page – announcements and banter about new projects
  • Twtr @daveostory – broadcasting new creations
  • Twtr @uncleweed – personal musings & convo
  • Twtr @daveostories – more kinda *pro gig* related stuff (formerly at-daveohoots)
  • Insta @uncleweed – variety show of regular life, usual days, and Ichiro Stanley
  • Insta @daveostory – paper craft, postal culture, collage and paint (for sale)
who do you want to be today?

Audio / Video specific:

Collections, lists, credits

  • Imdb – cinematic profile and various films creations and appearances
  • Vimeo – some featured films and vids
  • Discogs – have not yet begun to obsessively document records but hey, made a few annotations and whatnot
  • Linkedin – if you dare :), resume and job-related stuff
  • Lomography – fuzzy weird analog snaps

Semi/retired – Hiatus / Deprecated:

  • Medium – various essays (usually cross-posted)
  • Wattpad – various short stories (usually cross-posted)
  • Dead.net – Grateful music community, is this still there?
  • Flickr – so many shareable photos, often arranged in sets (slated for deprecation, or something)
  • BuyMeACoffee/daveo – on hiatus due to payment hassles {was an easy way for art and postcards as a service and otherwise support endeavours and score great analog and digital goods}
  • Shoebox of Enjoyables – scrapbook of links, articles and oddities (Tumblr) – rolled into this archive but guess its still there another with one maybe called Social Musings…
  • Tintin Culture – another collection of Tintin memorabilia (Tumblr) – rolled into this archive
  • Grateful Healing – articles pertaining to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue (password’d on Tumblr, request if interested) not updating
  • True North Media House planning “wiki”  (Ggle site, archived)
  • Mixcloud – sounds for remixing, maybe? don’t this so
  • 8Tracks – a few playlists, maybe? nope
  • Deviant Art – art for share and sale, maybe? is this still there? 
  • Etsy – eventually wee little shop, maybe? dunno
  • Uncleweed Workshop (Ggle site -seems broked) 
  • Rebel Mouse – “Diplomatic Pouch” of social roundups
  • Storify – roundups for events, concerts, conference etc.
  • Delicious – archive of links, usually tagged

Retired Twitters

Bonus Round:  

Mailing List

Diplomatic Pouch (pending, simple and infrequent, if at all…) been saying “i’ll start this” since about 1995 but hey, maybe one day…

Add email address and we’ll both pretend at some point i make a newsletter – ha! 


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