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go where the internet is still meaningful Various publishing channels, social presences, archived websites, and places, along with various bonus projects. Give a follow, like, subscribe, look and/or whathaveyou. See also, Podcast Subscription Desk and Colophon for retired and migrated sites/projects.

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Social Pub Channels

  • Uncle Weed Storytime Facebook Page – announcements and banter about new projects
  • Youtube – video dim sum, interviews, lectures, foreign dispatches (also Out n’ About with Uncle Weed feed)
  • Flickr – so many shareable photos, often arranged in sets
  • Soundcloud – spoken word poetry and song-ish things



  • Shoebox of Enjoyables – scrapbook of links, articles and oddities (Tumblr)
  • Tintin Culture – another collection of Tintin memorabilia (Tumblr)
  • Grateful Healing – articles pertaining to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue (password’d on Tumblr, request if interested)
  • Medium – various essays (usually cross-posted)
  • Internet Archive – library of creative commons content
  • Imdb – profile and various films appearances
  • Reelhouse – long-form film projects and related production info, specifically, HempenRoad
  • Vimeo – some featured films and vids
  • Linkedin – if you dare, resume and job-related stuff
  • Wattpad – various short stories (usually cross-posted)


  • Mixcloud – sounds for remixing
  • 8Tracks – a few playlists
  • Discogs – might eventually add albums here
  • Deviant Art – art for share and sale
  • Dead.net – Grateful music community
  • Etsy – eventually wee little shop
  • Rebel Mouse – “Diplomatic Pouch” of social roundups
  • Storify – roundups for events, concerts, conference etc.
  • Delicious – archive of links, usually tagged

Library of poetry, podcasts, painting, arts n' crafts, community building + global wanders