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A few handy services which i use, truly… and, by clicking the magic links, you’ll send a few bucks and/or credit to your old pal to help me pay for my postage hobby errr… addiction.

Moo – Really the finest little friendship/business/post cards and other printables (see some of my moo-com cards) i use them all the time and kinda smitten

iHerb –  Peanut Butter and chips hook-up + natural-centric personal health + care products, vitamins/supplements, tea/coffees etc. with easy shipping to Japan, truly amazing prices and even better shipping

Transferwise – remarkably handy means for moving money around internationally (fyi video) ya get some cash for clickity clicking

Tangerine bank40917335S1 i have very mixed feelings about CDN banks and their love of fees and archaic policies… but this is the handiest of them all – use my Orange code to make you and me both $50 winners

American Express – handy for travel perks etc – pay-as-go better than credit (you get 25K points, i get 5K, cool)

23andme – Genetic testing for ancestry origin and DNA-based medical info (ugh a bit leery but hey, info is good)

Powell’s City of Books – Epic bookstore located in Portland and shipping everywhere (note to self, find actual affiliate code)

VPN Unlimited – if you ain’t VPN’ing, you are a sucker and vulnerable, esp if using public wi-fi or need to geo-locate yerself. so use this service and get month(s) free (me also)

Gandi – No Bullsht domain hosting… no scams, no spam, no hijacking, great support (no affiliate here, i just love the company)

Laughing Squid – these legends tend to my managed-wordpress/web-hosting (no kick-back, just great squad) + their blog of amusements

Ubiome – Medical intell based on gut bacteria with comprehensive reports  (out of biz it seems)

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation