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Dave uncleweed Olson Postal Address
Dave uncle weed Olson Postal Address

Dave Olson Postal Address &Shipping Tips


Cards, letters, telegrams, aerogrammes oddities gratefully accepted via (but please don’t come visit unannounced)

Dave Olson
937-1 Tsuchida, Naka-ku
Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
703-8217 Japan

Short on space?

937-1 Tsuchida Naka Okayama 703-8217 Japan

in Japanese:

703-8217 岡山県岡山市中区土田937ー1

Detailed fields (if needed):

Postal code: 703-8217
Prefecture/state/province: Okayama
City: Okayama
Ward: Naka
Street/neighbourhood/chome & number: 937-1 Tsuchida

Note: Canada (Victoria Dr.) mail-drop/forwarding is discontinued

Parcel tips:

When using national postal service for packages bigger than a card/letter, use the “Small Packet” option / saves money from “regular” airmail.

If sending books/magazines you can use “Printed Matter” service which again will save money (usually sent via Surface Air Lifted). Must specifically tell them that the package *does not* contain a letter. This is oddly important.

Heavy media:

For heavier/larger boxes (up to 66lbs!) of books, records and other recorded material only, sent from USA, you can use the remarkable and under-known “M bag” service. Tip: print out the actual sheet showing mail designation 262.1 and take to the post office as they don’t use this often… Someone will go in the back to find a big canvas Santa sack, no kidding, and put your labelled & tied box of *only* designated materials in & attach a special tag and eventually will show up here like thrifty magic.


You may need to complete a customs declaration including assigning a value. Please list as “gift” & add a nominal amount like $10 – *we know its priceless* but this is for customs duty, not insurance. If not, we sometimes get slapped with a fee.

Of course, ensure you have a legible return address in case the system is thwarted by various apocalypse. 

Phone number:

if needed for courier/customs etc.+81(0)5055321102

Courier (when required):

Use your national postal service if at all possible. But, if a courier is really needed, choose DHL (better for Japan then FedEx or UPS) or if available in your area, the fantastic “Yamato / Black Cat” courier service. But really, regular Postal Service is the best choice 99% of the time.

totally normal behaviour leaning against a post box, right?

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