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Firing up the podcasts of hi-jinks, poetry and adventures since 2005 / commercial-free and crafted with affection

Background: Since 2005 with Clubside Breakfast Time podcast (prob one of the 1st 100 pods in existence), I’ve hand-crafted plenty of audio dispatches for personal/artistic amusement and also for business/work gigs (mostly not listed here).

Recently, did a big “podcast migration and tidy up” process//project to move most of the audio files to Internet Archive, standardize post format (including ensuring cover art, description and choice of download or “play in browser” and added to loads of podcatcher/broadcast/whatever channels/apps.

Anyhow, what follows is a clearinghouse of podcasts and locations. If notice any errors or omissions, please let me know,

Podcast Subscriptions

Postcards from Gravelly Beach – Spoken word literature featuring counter-culture literary stalwarts from the Russians to the Beats – read by host Dave Thorvald Olson – along with original freeverse poetry, fiction and expository writing, with occasional rambling discourse and conversation.

Since August 2005, each episode is carefully homegrown – recorded spontaneously at some splendid locale and backed by an eclectic assortment of music. No commercials, shout-outs, begs for reviews, plugs, endorsements, just hanging out while i read and talk somewhere, and then some music, sometimes.

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Choogle on with Uncle Weed –  Head out with Uncle Weed on cannabis-inspired adventures, spontaneous commentary and eclectic sounds from around the world since 2005.

Anecdotes and observations include: public policy, transportation, economics, architecture, entrepreneurship and cannabis culture and discourse about harm reduction, environment, international travel and foreign affairs. Usually recorded on-the-go, Uncle Weed (sometime) invites curious pals and erstwhile strangers into the hi-jinks and conversation.

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Community Feasthouse – All manner of discourse from media interviews to various lectures and presentations. Topics include social web fu, creative culture, podcast making, DIY publishing, community cultivating, art making and related adventures.

Urban Vancouver – (Occasional) Cultural nuggets, festival documentation and other street sounds from Vancouver, Canada and beyond. Presented as found for archival purposes usually. Made in the past, for the future… so listen along in the present.

Olympic Outsider – [Recently update with dispatches with reports from Tokyo 2020(1)] Dispatches from the ground at Vancouver 2010 at parties, games, events, concerts, protests, and beer gardens plus legacy content from Torino 2006 and SLC 2002. Host Dave Olson AKA Uncle Weed is an experienced Olympic pundit and pioneer of social media at Olympics since Nagano 1998.

Endless Goodness – From renegade documentaries, to literary musings, to lectures to social start-ups and  even some songs… everything audio made by me in one firehose for your convenience.

Out n About – Yup, it’s a vidcast featuring Uncle Weed on random sound-seeing adventures around Vancouver and international exploits spieling on with anecdotes and observations about communities, public policy, transportation, economics, architecture, entrepreneurship and enjoying herb.

Canucks Outsider – (dormant but maybe…) *The original Canucks podcast* brings irreverent analysis and witty insight as host Dave Thorvald offers updates and discourse on the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks from a fan’s perspective. A long-time hockey aficionado and writer, Dave is often joined by global guests. Shows were sometimes recorded in-game, sometimes at a local pub or on the porch after another win… with a special hello to Canucks fans far and wide in foreign lands.

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