Diary: simple tasks and sparking life with renegade Ted

Evidence I’m still alive… From Oct. 25-ish or so (lemme check that as though it matters :0)

always fun with Ted with his stories, humour and ability to be a goofball come to visit

Not gonna lie, been a real tough stretch. But I’m keeping my hands and brain active by doing simple tactile little tasks.
In this case, putting some clearcoat on some more signs for yet another sign post and pouring an extra batch of soy wax on some fire starters just in time for the first woodstove of the year in honor of 4th (or 5th) visit from buddy Renegade Ted (who took most snaps included herein & i captured from his FB round-up post). But you should check his Notes from the Nog travel writer bloggity blog.

PS And dig that cassette player/radio hanging up. It doesn’t really work well but I still try to tune in like I’m gonna connect with some short wave radio + And that’s a trucker hat representing The Matinee & Tshirt is REM Chronic Town

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Healing: just another hospital day… again

Hi from Okadai hospital #nophotos

just waiting for injection & thinking about ya.

Hows ya doing?

Left hat in m-i-l’s car (dropped me off en route to table tennis) so my fwa-fwa hair gives me full mad scientist vibes

Outfit pretty cute though / greens, blues & browns

Reference snap / i wanna be sedated bam bam bam-bam

Gosh, the staff/nurses are so incredibly skilled so today was rather rare but had a mishap getting the spike into my arm, required a couple of tries. First time ever for that. They apologized 75 times. All good, wrapped it up tightly / looks like long wait for next checkpoint

Let’s have a simple lunch (not enough time for my usual place across the streets… but there are several restaurants embedded in the hospital)

Fast forward: finished at the hospital and now riding bus to collapse at home

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Field Notes: overnight’r w/ sports, kids, bunks, baths, ports & burgers

Nov. 22 AM: Quite paralyzed by exhaustion and overwhelmedness – but things to do so I’m just saying this out loud so I get up and do one tiny thing at a time.

Kinda hectic 3 days ahead by my humble standards

  • Step one: switch from pajamas to something sort of like clothes
  • Step two: fresh air into bedroom
  • Step three: turn on Hey Rosetta “plan your escape”
  • Step four: meds, kanpo & supplements
  • Step five: food
  • Step six: grab some travel bags from kura
  • Step seven: prepare travel coffee kit


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Diary: seitai, bento, buses & snaps

For starters: Usual routine, photo evidence, heading for treatment by bus (with my fare card) every fibre in my adorable body fumimg in pain

Me & my bus card

(Always sunny in Okayama) #cardigan

Today’s flowers in the doctor’s office entrance foyer.

A few of my creative endeavors from poetry book to postcards to umeboshi (plus Ryoko’s wreath) on display at the doctor’s office. There are more scattered around here.

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Diary: Tossing, turning, snoring & nerves and Santa tasks

GM: Gosh, trying to do everything right but still every night is a lousy night sleep.

Tossing and turning and twitching, up-and-down, aches and pains – hoping to get up, nutrition and onto the bus for treatment but keep on wondering “is it worth it?”

Nervous about week ahead

Now: oxygen; next: dishes, bath, more oxygen, meds + supps, meditation & sleep.

{ichiro snoring beside me}

this week has a lil overnight trip to nearby Kurashiki for school event & back to hospital solo on Friday

Maybe seitai tomorrow

Trying so hard (but trying not to) <3

finding my way…

PS To my pals around the world always saying “dude, you gotta do cold plunges”

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Healing: stumbling (but not defeated) & “rescued” by lunch

Briefly: Messed up date with hospital appointments (every time, like lining up dominos to get all doctors/injections/tests lined up on same day and was supposed to be here last Friday) getting some of the stuff done today but means back here again next Friday. Very discouraged :(

*Not smiling* with my eyes

The hospital staff were super accommodating and got me in for “cocktail injection” and with Chinese Medicine Doctor who reviewed my memo and gave a thorough exam of abdomen, pulses and tongue.

TCM Doctor told me pulses are very weak and shallow, my body is fighting and trying but needs rest + Hot Springs and protein.

of course the hospital has flowers on display

I’ll be back next Friday to finish up the parts of the visit didn’t get done this time including inquiries about options for IVIG & Ozone therapy.

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Evidence: darlings in BC (on a Bedouin scarf)

A little collage of printed postcards from the #BCInvasion trip.

I keep adding more in lieu of a “proper” scrapbook but kinda love the view

Still haven’t really processed, digested, remixed, create-i-fied from this journey but, happenstance offered a moment to print & hang a few of my darlings above the writing desk, pinned to a Bedouin shroud.

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation