Springboard or Swansong? – Canucks Outsider #26 – Part 2

Part Two of Two – Extended Canucks Outsider

Dave Thorvald – feeling the pressure of the final five Canucks games – rambles on about character, strategy and good luck charms in the hours leading up the critical Hockey Night in Canada matchup versus the Calgary Flames.

Listen up! Canucks Outsider #26, Part 2

Canucks Memorabilia

He waxes nostalgic while reviewing Canucks history and recapping the highs and lows of the Canucks’ seasons since 1993-94, then indulges in a few thoughts from the 1970s while reading an article about Jake Milford flying to Sweden in the Pig Express.   Grab two beverages, it’s a long one.

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Canucks Outsider -Two Minutes for Shameless Promotion

Well, not entirely shameless promotion … I came across the Canadian Podcast Buffet who play promos from well, … Canadian Podcasts.  Bob and Mark of the CPB request that worthy Canadian podcasters send in a 120 second, 128Kbps, .mp3 format Podcast Promo.

I dutifully followed their instructions and here’s the result for those of you who don’t get enough Canucks Outsider:

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Canucks Outsider – Audio Profile

The Canadian Podcast Buffet folks also ask for an Audio Profile with the same tech specs (120 seconds, etc. …).

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I am obliged to answer these questions:

  • Is your podcast work-safe? Family friendly?
  • How often do you publish your show?
  • When did you first start podcasting?
  • Which Canadian podcasts do you listen to/recommend? Why?
  • What single piece of advice do you have for podcast listeners?
  • Which single piece of technical advice (tech tip) do you feel is critical for podcasters?
  • If there was something about the podcasting world you could change, what would that be?
  • Do you have any plans for commercialization? If Yes, who would you like to have sponsor you? If not. Why not?
  • What were my answers?  You’ll have to listen to find out – don’t worry, it’s only two minutes out of your life.
  • What were my answers?  You’ll have to listen to find out – don’t worry, it’s only two minutes out of your life.


    Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso (and others) in Seattle via OlyBlog

    Source: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso (and others) in Seattle | OlyBlog

    My buddy Cosmo – and knowing that i am an enthusiast of Vincent Van Gogh and modern-ish art in general – passed along an Olympian article (now that i live in North Vancouver, i thankfully don’t read it much ;-)) about a exhibition in Seattle put on by the friendly billionaire Paul Allen.

    In short, the exhibition will juxtapose works of art from different eras in an attempt to emphasize the similarities of concept or intent despite the apparent differeces in medium or technique (i.e. Monet next to Jimi Hendrix). In other words, art is art is art unless it is not art.

    Here’s the roster (BTW, I am totally gonna see this stuff and try to resist my art thief impulses).

    More about The DoubleTake: From Monet to Lichtenstein via Seattle PI.

    The Kids are Alright – Canucks Outsider #25

    Dave Thorvald catches up on a smattering of Canucks topics including trade deadline deals, inter-personal relationship intrigue, playoff forecast and players knowing their role.

    Listen to Canucks Outsider #25!

    canucks static montage
    Canucks static montage

    Plus updates on Giants playoff series versus Prince George Cougars, B.C. Women’s Championship, Winter Olympic flag ceremony, and an unusual amount of housekeeping details where Dave pimps his other podcasts, encourages listener participation and schelps Bryght websites.

    Mentions of:
    Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed
    Darren Barefoot
    Radio Zoom
    Vancouver Sun article about podcasting “Now hear this! Part 2”
    Vancouver Canucks newsgroup
    Postcards from Gravelly Beach
    (literature podcast)
    Choogle on with Uncle Weed (podcast of adventures and hi-jinx)
    Clubside Breakfast Time (eggs, bacon and Olympia music)
    i am dave (at) olsonboys.org

    furlong and flag
    VANOC CEO John Furlong

    BC Women’s hockey championship at Harry Jerome

    Pics by Dave O


    Down at the New Amsterdam – Choogle On! #22

    Down at the New Amsterdam – Choogle On! #22
    Down at the New Amsterdam – Choogle On! #22

    Uncle Weed heads out with Reverend Bob and Padowan Zach to spend a Sunday in downtown Vancouver’s preferred locales for herbal enthusiasts in this Enhanced Podcast – fortified with photos, links and other surprises.

    Justin of the New Amsterdam Cafe gives the straight dope on the chronology of the ‘potblock’ – Cannabis Cafe, HempBC, Blunt Brothers, the great fire of 2004, and more – plus insight on the perks and challenges of the running a cannabis-friendly cafe. Then, after a visit to BC Marijuana Party bookstore, the lads head to The Cambie Inn for liquid refreshment and herbal respite before a Seabus voyage to Lonsdale Quay. 

    Listen Up – “Choogle on with Uncle Weed #22” (m4a) – enhanced podcast – fortified with pics & links Subscribe – “Choogle on” in iTunes

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    Time is Now (Adolescent punk)

    He raises his
    arms in triumph
    celebrating nothing
    but mirth and mischief

    youth gone-astray
    by indifference
    must grab the reins
    of resistance

    the Time is now
    to take a stand
    not by force but by
    by circumstance

    go prove yourself
    able to handle (hang)
    with the worthy praise
    of the generations
    victory is ours
    for taking
    if we don’t buy into the
    crap they are slinging

    The Time is now
    take a stand
    be yourself
    not a brand-
    new anecdote
    or target eyes
    separate yourself and
    take a stand
    and don’t believe their lies

    spiraling down
    think cheesin out
    is not allowed

    Storied chants
    you’re standing tall
    complacency thwarted
    after all

    I Remain (Middle-aged punk)

    I’ve finally
    slept all night
    and sort of
    feeling right

    i thought
    i’d feel sad
    but you’re gone
    and i’m feeling nothing but glad

    i’d decided
    that it might
    be better
    to give up the fight

    but then you
    and me split
    and well at first
    i’ll admit that it sucked a bit

    but now your split
    and i’m perplexed
    got time to think
    when i’m not wrecked

    told myself
    i’m better off
    without the hassle
    and all of the strife


    you left
    i stayed
    in this house that
    me built

    you split
    i remained
    but i’m convinced
    and i’m not ashamed

    you said
    you’ll move on
    by the befuddlement
    you left behind

    Vanessa of the B-line

    I’ve heard that pretty girls
    don’t rides on buses
    but here you’re here in curls
    and glasses like ordered

    You seem to recognize
    that i’m already considering
    roman holidays in cafes
    and train rides to switzerland

    You and me it’s agreed
    got a history already
    set-up in fast forward speed
    old photos in albums
    like a future unspoken
    just give in sooner
    before my i need a new token

    Already i call you
    perfect Vanessa of B-line
    Before my stop on davie
    somehow gotta make time

    Looking so smart
    but I’m too shy to stare
    Vanessa in glasses
    ponytailed, reading Baudelaire

    Alive in that bus seat
    Vanessa you might be
    that cool chick inFouevlougs
    riding down Cambie

    I’ll wear bow-ties and
    serve on faculty
    furry eyebrows intact
    while you save the world
    at ribbon cutting some photo-op

    On the back of my ticket
    I’ll pass you a note
    off at waterfront station?
    i’ll invite you to toke

    Vanessa act quick now
    we’re almost passed the street
    i’ll too nervous to tell you
    that i think you are
    sweet vanessa of the the b-line …

    mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation