Post’d:Stick No Bills (Sri Lanka, 2017) vol. 4 / landmarks of note

Postcards: Stick No Bills, landmarks

Postcards sent Dec. 2017created by/purchased from Stick No Bills – creators of fine artisan postcards from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) – Vol. 4 (of 6), feat. landmarks, hotels and other tourist-minded commercial art

Postcards: Stick No Bills, landmarks

As often mentioned, i love postcards – both the writing / sending and the buying / collecting. When i find excellent postcards, i am indeed tempted to keep em stashed in a dossier or shoebox for my own amusement, however such action does not allow the humble postcard to fulfil its apparent destiny. As such, as per usual routine, i gather the finest cards, write sentiments (albeit in semi-legible scrawl) upon the back, squeeze in an address, flourish with inky stamps, complete with requisite postal stamps and send send on their way via the magical wormhole of postboxes. However, before sending on their journey, i take snapshots of the front / arty side for art and documentation purposes (sometimes the backs too for personal audit and memory).

This batch comes via a stay in Galle, Sri Lanka where, in the historical Fort Galle (previously Portuguese, Dutch and British), i bought basically everything Stick No Bills had on offer – postcard-wise that is, they also sell posters which aren’t handy for traveling though i have a mighty stack in a storage locker faraway.

Each card rung up with unique UPC barcode resulting in a receipt approx a metre/yard long with 92 entries. I mentioned this dedications to them and they offered me a poster t say “thanks” but alas i split before taking them up on the kindness.

Most notable about Stick No Bills is:

  • Respect for artists – the art is carefully curated, artists are compensating appropriately and the artwork is reproduced accurately
  • Quality of materials – delicious tactile cardstock with fine silkscreened ink which feels wonderful under pen and finger
  • Eclectic variety – as evidenced in my collection shared over 7 volumes, the assortments includes vintage Air Ceylon and hotel art, cinema art, various folklife, landmarks, maps and transportation themed pieces. (They also offered a line featuring funny/weird/unironic english t-shirts worn by local folks which i didn’t collect as i recall.)

Anyhow, mine are shared here for historical record (and modified with my personal stamps to prevent unauthorized reproductions) and your support/purchases is/are encouraged/recommended either by mailorder or even better, stopping into their lovely shop in Fort Galle, Sri Lanka.Tell em Uncle Weed sent ya (they won’t know what you mean but i’ll be amused).

Postcards: Stick No Bills, landmarks
Postcards: Stick No Bills, landmarks
Postcards: Stick No Bills, landmarks