Grateful Dead rambles / “family photos” (with renegade pals & VWs)

Eugene, Oregon, 1990 – the first “gathering of my tribes” meaning Utah pals and BC crew meeting for first time and forging lifelong relationship, in front of my beloved 1974 VW “turtletop” the Earthship (now a sauna)

Back in the days of rambling around to Grateful Dead shows with pals in various (usually Volkswagen) vehicles, cameras weren’t really part of the kit. Usually, ticket(s) if possible, contraband if practical, maybe extra clothes to accommodate climates, hopefully a few bucks.

However, as part of my documentary instincts, i hauled along a tripod and a 35mm Alpa camera for taking “family photos” in which i would cajole (with much whingeing usually) the assembled renegades to pose, i’d hit the timer and run back (as such usually right in front) and take 1 and only 1 shot. Years later these would usually get developed.

Many are lost to the fog, however, some are gathered here for posterity and memorial. 

near St George, Utah on way away form Las Vegas shows, 1992 i think? again the Utah and BC clans combining for some wild times in front of Willis’ VW Thing, Chris’ green VW bus. Great folks here (and at least one who is passed on, rip JJ)

a small band of scally-wags from Utah heading back from a Las Vegas in a lovely golden VW pop-top (remind me to tell you the cop story from a night or two before) everyone so tan, healthy and happy
at Jerry Garcia and David Grisman (plus Neville Brothers, Bela Flek, Booker T et al), Squaw Valley, 1991 with variety of wonderful lovelies. (not totally sure origin of this photo to be honest, maybe i took it with process described above, maybe not) oh yeah fanny packs!
same Jerry/Grisman at Squaw Valley show in 1991 with Willis and Steff – we would be again together in 2015 at final Grateful Dead shows in Chicago.

Update: i recall the above Squaw Valley photo’s origin: Willis photographed photos of photos and send them over and I cropped/cleanup a bit. There are more from inside the show too. Whew.

Me and sensei Larry Harper after decades of missing out on each other at The Dead (plus Allman Bros, Doobie Bros) at the Gorge (George Washington), April 2009 – this time photo was taken with a Nokia mobile photo
some of the folks seen above in 1991, reunited in Chicago in 2015, another generation added, beards longer
same squad in Chicago, GD 2015 in the hotel room, packing em in like thrifty folks despite being “adults” and all that


A few snaps en route to Eugene 1990 show mentioned above  taken with 35mm Alpa and timer along the way… love these!

One more… some fun online photo frame of Dan and I along the GD50 shows trip…  

So many more from this GD50 trip to chronicle under separate cover. One of these days…