Collection: (Pay)phones (vol. 11) – assorted Japan hotel/ryokan house phones

operational classic black rotary and laser engraved QR code for wi-fi

As part of on-going documentation of various collections of payphones. this gallery features examples of phones in various states of use, captured “in the wild” around Japan, specifically featuring hotel house phones in Shimane and Ishikawa and related devices, plus a few other phone handsets of different circumstances and origins for your edification, lightly annotated.

the Ryokan’s “control center” with multiple faxes and breaker panels, switch boards…
another hotel “control centre” with phones, faxes, batteries and cc machines(?)
i seem to recall this was once a phone i used but don’t recall. can you remember?
room phone at a Ryokan in Shimane

Recently, I’m kind of trying not to document phones, payphones, hotel desk phones, etc. because i am almost always in Japan these days, kind of getting redundant, but then I see a new kind today at a community art center and snap snap (while holding Ichiro who picked up the phone)

Moshi moooooshi Ichi-kun desu
“moshi moshi” Ichiro is on the horn from Noto, Ishikawa
ya know i can’t just leave ya with phones, yet i am also unsure how to describe these items

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