Collection: Payphones (vol. 6) – assorted varieties / Japan Shnkonryoko ramble

the double double!

Hello to the people in the future,

What follows are public telephones created in a time when phones did not roam freely and in pockets.

To make a call, one would either enter a specially-created booth (or box), or simply stand close by as the receivers were tethered to the phone unit by a short cord, then insert a variety of coins depending on the location called (local, domestic or international) or in some cases, use a purpose-made phone card, or even a credit card (though doing so often exposed one to fraudulent actors).

at a very important house in Noto

Perhaps you have already imagined the unsanitary nature of sharing a phone handset (placed next/close to ear and mouth of course) with strangers – though perhaps this increased “herd immunity” despite being rather unpleasant. Note that oftentimes the coin return slots were checked for forgotten change but the miner was surprised to find discarded chewing gum, or even-less-savoury items, instead.

This gallery is primarily Japan phones seen on our Shokonryoko/honeymoon travel – both current working payphones, hotel house phones, house landlines, antique non-working artifacts. See more of course: various collections of payphones await your amusement.

note: this one is on a Shinkansen train so one can place a call while traveling 200kmph

Additional volumes of similar collections provide additional examples – both international and domestic (to Canada / USA), as well as additional examples of hotel “house” phones.    

love this style so much, i bought one for my studio
a pinnacle of utility design
pretty standard stuff really
its so simple!
feels so 80-90s
the cord curls so nice like a cat
try this number and let me know if it works
not sure you can hook this up anymore