Typewriters (& drum kit) Variety Pack – Last Word Books, OlyWa

Stopped by the delightful Last Word Books in OlyWa (Olympia, Washington) – one of my faves in the world and holds loads of memories for me, as well as curates the “Uncle Weed Collection of Cannabis Books” (unofficial name). The location is onto the 4th in downtown Oly and is laden with both trad lit and all sorts of grassroots publications including from their in-house Last Word Press. Oh years ago they purchased the inventory of famed Port Townsend anarchistic publisher Loompanics iirc. The proprietor Sky Cosby is as eclectic and energetic as they come running bookshop, publishing imprint/press, also circus activities, perma-culture homesteading and other renegade community activities and initiatives. Rather remarkable fella indeed.

As it goes, I picked up a few books (i always say “NO DON’T BUY ANYMORE…” as i am travelling with a meagre rucksack and cannot carry much but here i am…) and admired various typewriters (wisely did not purchase one… though at times i have and hauled the weighty device from train to bus and so on…)

Anyhow, typewriters are documented forthwith as well as a few sundries, including poetry shelf, Mr Cosby and me, and drum set Bill Lenker’s Steamboat Island woodshed cause i enjoy both typewriters and drumkits. No further explanation required.

Oh, my pal Banghi came with the snapped snappy snap of my and word-machine above.

Carry on, and visit LWB whilst in OlyWa, they describe their revolutions thusly,

Last Word Books & Press is a physical and digital bookstore located in Olympia, Washington, recently expanded to include a full service printshop and publishing house. Founded in 2002 by several students at The Evergreen State College, we offer an eclectic collection of books ranging from radical politics to classical literature, from D.I.Y to drugs, we have the books you love to read. Last Word hosts the Olympia Zine Library, and we share a building with Don’t Stop Printing, a local screenprinting company. Last Earth Distro, another radical bookselling organism, also shares a portion of our space. We are constantly filling minds and the streets with much-needed radical literature. We champion freedom of speech, human rights and equality for all, advancements in literacy and education towards a self-aware and self-sufficient populace, a government that serves its citizenry, vigorous regulation of corporations, and the protection and restoration of our natural environment. We believe strongly in the benefits of local commerce and people-driven movements and seek to revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings and each other. If you’re near Olympia and the beautiful Puget Sound, drop in and invest a few hours in our collective future.

Bonus, Bill Lenker’s drum kit in his woodshop:

Whatcha think?