#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Drum Corps Parader

Who doesn’t love a parade? The folks in Bridgeview that who. Once upon a time, me and some of my finest friends played in a “drum and bugle corps” no it’s not like a marching band, marching bands are for wusses, drum corps is for musicians :-) anyway, in a political quest to gain favour to build a new bingo hall in Bridgeview, we did a parade in that section of Surrey, also known as “turf city” at the foot of the Pattulo bridge. People were not on the street and actually came out of their houses to yell at us for waking them up. But that wasn’t near the pain that I felt from trying to carry that marimba with the shitty harness and march in step with my bow-legged, duck-footed legs. Noteworthy in the snapshot is my pal Brad and our two instructors Bill and Rob. Those guys seem to enjoy us giving them tons of shit which we were fantastic at. And they taught us a ton about drumming, travelling and life. #DCI #PacificBlue #Siri #Parade #Bridgeview #Marimba #Pain #Chiropractor #Travel #1980s #friends #drums #tour

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMS07bCh7hs/