Memo: 7 year with this green Mavili cap

Posing at Lonsdale Quay with appropriate sign behind

Celebrating seven years with this fine handmade Mavili hat. Alas the scarf is lost along the way, busted this jacket out recently though. Oh and those glasses got smashed in a crash.

I’m a sucker for quality hats and was happy to score another beauty from the old master himself.

Collection: Hats, etc. – Mavili (Georgia via Canada), green, flat
Collection: Hats, etc. – Mavili (Georgia via Canada), green, flat

Since then, I’ve purchased a bunch of his hats and scarves and found them to be well-made, durable, stylish and warm when needed.

Other evidence no doubt contained in this archive. Though I doubt he’s still working and making at his humble booth at Lonsdale Quay, North Van.

Same hat & face, different specs & scarf

2 thoughts on “Memo: 7 year with this green Mavili cap”

  1. Hi Dave! I’m writing from Windsor, Ontario. I too own a Mavili hat that I bought when visiting Vancouver. I’d like to find another just like it…do you have any contact info for the man who makes these hats?

    1. Hi Monika, What a cool story, I’d love to see a picture of your hat. I have so many of his hats and I love his story. As it goes, about two months ago I got a message from his son who had found my posts about his dad. I asked him the same question as you and he passed along a phone number so, this is me reminding myself to find that phone number and send to you.

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